Tesla to Produce Steering and Pedalless Cars in China

Tesla will produce a steering wheel and pedalless car in China
Tesla will produce a steering wheel and pedalless car in China

Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, is preparing to sign an innovation that will revolutionize the automotive industry. According to the news in the French economy publication Capital, Tesla's Model 2 may not have a steering wheel and pedal. Last year, Tesla announced during Battery Day that a fully autonomous electric car that would sell for $25 would soon be produced. Such a price would only be achievable thanks to Tesla batteries produced at a XNUMX% reduced cost.

The vehicle, already referred to as "Model 2", will be able to be produced at the Gigafactory facility in Shanghai, China, before being exported to the whole world. At an in-house meeting held last week, Elon Musk gave some information about this vehicle he designed for the future. The people at the meeting said that Elon Musk marked the year 25 to start the production of the aforementioned $2023 new electric vehicle.

It is possible that the time up to that date could give Tesla engineers the time necessary to realize a fully autonomous driving system. Musk at the meeting “do we still want to have a steering wheel and pedals in the vehicles we will sell?” It was stated that the question he posed meant that they would not be present in “Model 2”. On the other hand, it is reported that the electric vehicle without steering wheel and pedal will have an autonomous range of 400 kilometers.

Source: China International Radio

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