Security Measures at the Iranian Border Entrusted to PÖHs

Security measures at the Iranian border are entrusted to pohs
Security measures at the Iranian border are entrusted to pohs

The modular wall and smart tower works, which started on the Iranian border of Van's Çaldıran district and extends to Doğubayazıt in Ağrı and Yüksekova line of Hakkari, continue. 750 special operations police provide border security with 50 armored vehicles, and gendarmerie teams at 9 battalions, 44 police stations and nearly 150 towers.

In Van, which has the longest border with the neighboring country Iran, the security forces, taking every precaution to prevent immigration and smuggling activities and neutralize terrorists, catch irregular migrants who want to cross into Turkey and deliver them to the relevant institutions. In the firewall works, 63 kilometers of the 7 kilometers section was completed, and a trench was dug 130 kilometers along the border line.

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We Maximized Measures at the Border

Van Governor Mehmet Emin Bilmez said that the measures on the border have been constantly increased in the last three years. Stating that the regiment, which previously provided the security of the border line, was raised to the brigade level, Bilmez said that the gendarmerie served in 9 battalions, 44 police stations and nearly 150 towers. Explaining that reinforcements were sent to the border after the developments in Afghanistan, Bilmez said, "We have maximized the measures at the border. “We are doing our best to make the border impassable,” he said.

No Backlog of Immigrants

Noting that the security forces are guarding the border in a coordinated manner, Bilmez continued: “We are using the latest technology on the border line. 103 electro-optical towers were built along the border. There are thermal cameras, sensors and radars around here. There are systems that detect the direction of the shot.

We also benefit from UAVs and SİHAs at the highest level. Our security forces work at the border 7/24 in coordination, using all technological data.

There is no accumulation of immigrants at the border. Sometimes there are people who somehow cross the border. We catch them in derelict buildings that we call shock houses. Recently, citizens have also increased their notices on this issue. We are processing the immigrants we have caught in the removal center.

We Demolished Over 100 Derelict Buildings Where Migrants Hide

Referring to the wall works carried out with three contractor companies at the border, Bilmez said, “We have a 295 kilometer border line. While providing border security on the one hand, we are building a wall on the other. Trench digging continues. We dug 130 kilometers of trenches. We built a 7 kilometer wall. By the end of the year, I hope we will finish the 64 kilometer wall work. Our President gave an instruction for another 100 kilometers to be tendered. Transactions are moving quickly,” he said.

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