Sand Bag Test in Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Line

sandbag test on antalya stage rail system line
sandbag test on antalya stage rail system line

In the 3rd Stage Rail System Project, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has completed, test drives with sandbags have started on the line between Atatürk-Museum and Varsak-Museum stops.

Final test works are being carried out on the 3rd Stage Rail System line, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has completed. After the systems such as signaling, transformer, clearance, traction power on the line were inspected, the weighted test phase was reached. In tests using sandbags, trials are carried out during real voyages as if there were passengers.


After the test drives on the route between Atatürk Station, Sakarya, Batıgar, Newborn, Kültür, Akdeniz University Hospital, Akdeniz University, Meltem, Training and Research Hospital and Museum Station, the line will be put into service. In this way, uninterrupted transportation will be provided betweenvark and the museum. With the transfer to be made, it will be possible to reach the desired point on the Fatih-Aksu line from the Varsak-Museum line.


Nurettin Tonguç, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the final tests have been carried out and the acceptance stage has been reached in the 3rd Stage Rail System Project, “We are working on operation scenarios with sandbags in 3 different categories. In one part of these tests, we work on the Museum-Fatih line, and in the other, we work on the Museum-Various line. With loads in this different category, we take time notes in businesses and control processes. We check whether the vehicles have electromechanical problems or not. When the tests are completed, the business will have reached its final stage.”

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