Questions To Be Answered About Gebze Metro Investment

Questions to be answered about the Gebze metro investment
Questions to be answered about the Gebze metro investment

Cost Comparison of Gebze Metro and Other Transportation Investments. Gebze Metro tender price was announced as 5 billion TL. If we compare the price of this tender with other transportation tenders;

Gebze Metro investment tender price,

More than 20 times the tender price of the Izmit tram project,

100 times the tender price of the 5-kilometer Konya-Karaman high-speed train project (it was planned to be completed in 2016, still not finished)

It is equal to the budget allocated for Istanbul by the Ministry of Transport in 2021.

Questions To Answer

When the subway project is finished, how many passengers are planned to be transported per day? According to the Metropolitan website, its capacity is 1080 people. The number of passengers to be transported is not specified on the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality website on a daily or hourly basis.

The Answers of the Following Questions About Gebze Metro Project Should Be Disclosed

What percentage of progress has been made in the project currently? Is there a change in the deadline of the work?

What percentage of progress was made when its construction was undertaken by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure? How much was the contractor paid?

What is the daily number of passengers targeted to be transported?

What is the daily operating cost expected to be?

Giant Investment? Is it the Right Investment?

This huge investment will not benefit industrial freight transportation.

Employees coming from the Istanbul-Kocaeli Region to the Organized Industrial Zone will also not prefer the metro, as they will have to make two transfers.

The transportation problem of Gebze district should be handled as a whole. Freight transportation, earthquake risks, investment priorities and efficiency studies should be conducted and these plans should be shared with the public transparently.

Gebze Transportation Solution Priorities;

Providing port and Organized Industry railway connections,

Determination of forward-looking tram routes,

Lowering the Osmangazi bridge toll,

Planning bicycle paths, building bicycle parking spaces at train stations,

It is a great deficiency that there is still no determined Tram route for Gebze District. Expansion of the highways will make the future tramway planned for Sink-Outputs impossible.

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