Outcrop of 5 High School Inventors Received Local Design Award

high school inventor's outcrop received the domestic design award
high school inventor's outcrop received the domestic design award

Mostra, the electric vehicle of 5 high school inventors, was awarded the "Domestic Design Award". Team Mostra, which will be among the technology leaders of the future, made a show of strength at TEKNOFEST 2021 with the "Domestic Design Award" they received from the Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races 2021, which they participated for the first time this year, and met with intense interest from their visitors.

Speaker of the Parliament Prof.Dr. Mustafa Şentop, Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation Prof.Dr. Kemal Yüksek, President of TÜBİTAK Prof.Dr. Officials from the public and private sectors, including Hasan Mandal, T3 Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees Selçuk Bayraktar, TÜBİTAK Board Member Haluk Bayraktar, Uyumsoft Chairman Mehmet Önder, and TIA Automotive Chairman Ahmet Usta, visited the Mostra stand. Mehmet Emin Önder (team captain), Ali Talip Şenyüz, Elif Derya Başoğlu, Meryem Zehra Altınöz and Rabia Betül Altınöz from Team Mostra gave information about the technical features of the electric vehicle to those who visited the stand.

Young inventors woke up in the industry and built the electric Mostra vehicle in 1.5 months.

With the cooperation protocol signed between Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, Yıldız Technical University (YTU), Yıldız Teknopark and Uyumsoft AŞ in April 2019 to improve the digital skills of young people, it was aimed to prepare high school students with techno-intelligence for the future. 5 high school students, who came together within the scope of the project, made mapping and scanning robots with the robotics training they received in Yıldız Technopark's incubation center by Yıldız Technical University academics.

Explaining that they have been supporting the projects of high school students for two years, Yıldız Teknopark AŞ Prototype Workshop Manager Gökhan Aybastı said:

“We are taking the steps for our young people to experience applied R&D engineering and the work done in Technoparks while they are still in high school, and to create their road maps both in their university preferences and in the process of their business life after graduation. We are proud and happy to receive the Native Design Award as a result of the training we provide to our high school students.”

Team Mostra Team, who did not want to be idle during the summer vacation after the online trainings due to the pandemic, decided to produce an "electric vehicle" and worked on the project for about 1 year. Then, Team Mostra Captain, 17-year-old Mehmet Emin Önder, took his breath away with the chassis maker Ahmet Usta, the founder of TIA Automotive in İkitelli Sanayi. While the young inventors were building the electric Mostra vehicle from scratch in 1.5 months, with the efforts and support of their masters, in the workshop they entered as apprentices, they often spent 15-16 hours working in the industry.

Chasse maker Ahmet Usta, the founder of TIA Automotive, who opened his knowledge, experience and vehicle repair and maintenance center to the young inventors, expressed his excitement about making electric vehicles with the young people, and said, “Our young inventors started to make Mostra with a stone engine and a source at our workplace. They manufactured the chassis, mechanical, electronic and outer casing and we have come to these days. We will provide all the necessary support for them to achieve better in the coming period.”

They aim to keep the “Mostra” brand at the top of the high school and university categories.

Mostra literally means “showing an example from something”. Young inventors want the Mostra brand to set an example in electric vehicles. At the same time, they aim to keep the “Mostra” brand at the top while entering the races in the electric vehicle category in the high school and university categories in the upcoming period.

Considering the features of the Mostra electric vehicle, many detailed studies were carried out on the system in order for the vehicle to be efficient and to consume less energy. The vehicle, named Mostra-190, weighing approximately 1 kilos, will lead the team for other vehicles that will be produced as new from now on. As a result of the calculations, it was determined that this electric vehicle traveled 60 km for only 85 cents. The fact that the battery management system and battery packaging were produced entirely domestically brought the Local Design Award to the young inventors.

Among the supporters of the project are Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, TÜBİTAK, Yıldız Technical University, Yıldız Technopark, Yıldız Prototype Workshop, Zeytinburnu Şehitler Bilsem, Uyumsoft, TIA Automotive, TechOhm, Seven, Bigtem, Bolluk Yapı and various universities' electric vehicle clubs, including institutions and organizations. organizations and companies from the private sector.

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