Otokar Will Exhibit COBRA II MRAP and TULPAR at the DSEI Fair in London

Otokar will exhibit cobra ii mrap and tulpari at dsei fair in london
Otokar will exhibit cobra ii mrap and tulpari at dsei fair in london

One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar continues to demonstrate its capabilities in the defense industry on a global scale. Otokar, which strengthens its position in the world defense industry day by day, participated in DSEI 17, which started today in London, the capital of England, and will continue until September 2021. At this year's giant meeting of the defense industry, Otokar exhibited the COBRA II MRAP and its armored tracked vehicle TULPAR with the MIZRAK tower system; will introduce its world-famous military vehicles and its capabilities in land systems.

Turkey's global land systems manufacturer Otokar once again took its place in Europe's largest defense industry and security fair. Representing the Turkish defense industry successfully abroad, Otokar attended the DSEI Fair with the COBRA II MRAP Mine-Proof Vehicle and the TULPAR tracked armored vehicle. Otokar, which strengthens its position in the world defense industry with its engineering power, superior design and testing capabilities, production experience and proven products day by day, will exhibit TULPAR, which is highly acclaimed on a global scale, with the MIZRAK tower system at the fair, which will last until September 17. Otokar will also promote COBRA II MRAP, the Mine Protected Vehicle of COBRA II, which has been in service in our country and around the world. Otokar will present its world-famous military vehicles and convey its capabilities in land systems in the organization that will last for 4 days.

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar, with its more than 30 years of experience in the field of military vehicles, analyzes user expectations and needs in the best way and develops vehicles for the current and future needs of modern armies; “Our vehicles, all of which were developed by our own engineers, are actively serving in very different geographies, challenging climatic conditions and risky areas. We analyze the different needs and expectations of our users in the field of land systems in the defense industry, and quickly develop solutions that can meet these needs with our engineering capabilities and superior R&D facilities. During the fair, we plan to introduce our capabilities in the field of land systems to potential users, while developing our cooperation with our existing users.”

Noting that Otokar makes a difference in export markets not only as a vehicle manufacturer, but also with its after-sales service activities and technology transfer capability, Serdar Görgüç said; “We are always proud and honored to serve our heroic army with our vehicles designed and manufactured in Turkey. In addition to our country, we strive to provide the best products and services against current and future threats to our more than 35 different users in more than 55 friendly and allied countries, including NATO countries. Today, nearly 33 of our military vehicles are actively serving under NATO and United Nations forces. Our goal is to increase our export activities and contribute more to the development of our country's economy and defense industry."


Taking its name from the legendary winged horse that protected the warriors in the Epic of Manas, TULPAR was developed in line with the requirements of the 21st century. Otokar design is exhibited in England with the MIZRAK tower system. The vehicle, which has high mobility, ballistics and mine protection, was tested in the harshest climatic conditions and heavy terrain conditions. Thanks to its modular structure, TULPAR responds to the different needs of users with a single platform. TULPAR armored combat vehicle can be used in different missions such as personnel carrier, air defense vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, command and control vehicle, light and medium weight class tank carrying 105 mm gun. With its automatic transmission, high-performance power pack, track suspension and suspension equipment that provides mobility in all kinds of terrain, the vehicle equipped with an open architecture electronic system, and its infrastructure with different system integration, customer-specific solutions can be created. In addition, sub-systems such as suspension, speed reducer and track tensioner are designed and developed within Otokar, thus offering low life cycle costs to the user.


The COBRA II Mine Protected Vehicle (COBRA II MRAP) vehicle, which draws attention in export markets, was developed to provide high survivability in risky areas. It offers users high ballistic and mine protection, high transportation expectations, with unique mobility, unlike vehicles of this class. Due to the low center of gravity of the COBRA II MRAP compared to similar mine-proof vehicles in the world, it offers superior mobility and unmatched handling not only on stabilized roads, but also on the terrain. Less noticeable with its low silhouette, the vehicle offers logistical advantages to its users on the battlefield with its modular structure. The vehicle, which has the capacity to carry up to 11 personnel with different layout options, can be configured as 3 or 5 doors in accordance with user requirements.

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