Negotiations Started for Konyaaltı Varlık Tram

Negotiations have started for the konyaaltı we have tramway
Negotiations have started for the konyaaltı we have tramway

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect met with the members of the Antalya Professional Chambers Coordination Board. President Insect said that they continue to work for an Antalya with a planned, rules and identity. Chief Advisor to the Mayor, Cem Oğuz, also gave information to the Coordination Board about the works and projects of the Metropolitan Municipality. Oğuz stated that the button was pressed for the 4 Stage Rail System from Konyaaltı to Varsak, “This is the line that is among the promises of our President. Discussions about this started today at the Ministry of Transport. With its approval, we will go out to tender for the project and construction.”

The Coordination Board, consisting of representatives of professional chambers in Antalya, met under the hosting of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect. The meeting, which was planned to be held every three months but could not be held for a long time due to the pandemic, was attended by the Chairman of the Coordination Board, Antalya Chamber of Certified Public Accountants, Emrullah Tayfun Çavdar, and representatives of other professional chambers.


“I don't have you, we exist. Saying that they aspire to manage Antalya together by saying, "We will do it together," Mayor Insect said that he has attached great importance to common sense since the day he took office. Expressing his confidence in the knowledge and experience of the Insect Professional Chambers, the President emphasized that together with the Chief Advisor Cem Oğuz, the names with a professional chamber background serve as consultants. Chairman Insect said, "We need your ideas in our works and projects."


After the speech of Minister Insect, Chief Advisor Cem Oğuz talked about the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that they have implemented projects that will benefit the public from the infrastructure to the superstructure, Oğuz said, "While carrying out these works, we get opinions from our professional chambers and we work together." Stating that many projects such as Boğaçayı and Balbey act with a common mind, Oğuz said, “We cooperate with NGOs on many issues from agriculture to tourism, and we get their opinions and suggestions.”


Explaining that the route of the 3rd Stage Rail System from Varsak to the Museum has been completed, Cem Oğuz announced that after the test drives, passenger transport will begin in October. Saying that there is a problem in the route selections of the first, second and third stages of the rail system, Oğuz said; “Our line, which we call the fourth stage, from Konyaaltı to Varsak and which is among the promises of our President, is a really important line for the optimum use of the rail system in the city. Let me give him the good news. Discussions about this started today at the Ministry of Transport. With its approval, we will go out to tender for the project and construction.”


Oğuz stated that projects related to smart city applications, tourism projects, projects related to sports and youth, cultural projects and infrastructure, ASAT and rural services related to road construction are also continuing. Chairman of the Coordination Board Emrullah Tayfun Çavdar emphasized the importance of such meetings for the future of Antalya. Çavdar said, “Even though we took a long break due to the pandemic, we will continue our meetings on a quarterly basis. We are very happy that we are given the right to have a say in matters related to Antalya and that our ideas are given importance.”

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