Mersin 4th Ring Road is Made Safe with Signaling Works

Myrtle freeway is made safe with signaling studies
Myrtle freeway is made safe with signaling studies

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality carries out the installation of signaling in order to create a safe traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians on the 4th Ring Road, which it is feverishly continuing to build.

Transportation Department teams carry out signaling work at the intersections where the 4th Ring Road intersects with the 26th and 34th Streets, following the road markings, traffic signs, and bicycle lane marking works. When the works are completed, the traffic density that may occur on the east and west axis of the mentioned intersections will be minimized.

“Our citizens will cross the intersections more safely”

Stating that they accelerated the works on the 4th Ring Road in order to ease transportation, Transportation Department Traffic Services Branch Manager Doğan Tuncay said, “We aim to take our citizens living in Mersin to their destinations in a healthy manner and as soon as possible. We have signaling work on 26th Street. Our signal transmitters are in the installation phase, our cables are pulled. We will launch it as soon as possible. Our work continues on 34th Street. After commissioning this place, we will also commission the signaling system on 34th Street. Our citizens will cross the intersections in a safer way. We will put the signaling system at the service of our citizens as soon as possible.”

Tuncay, who also gave detailed information about the bicycle path and road lines on the 4th Ring Road, said, “There are offset scans on the bicycle path. We have traffic signs and signaling. We have barrier-free pedestrian crossings on 34th Street. In these pedestrian crossings, we have tangible lines for our visually impaired citizens. It is also available on our pavements. Our aim is to ensure the healthy transition of our disabled citizens," he said.

Barrier-free pedestrian crossings

In the study, which is expected to be completed in a short time, tactile lines were placed so that individuals with special needs can also use it safely. Safe passage of citizens with special needs will be ensured on the street, where there are also barrier-free pedestrian crossings.

Günceleme: 23/09/2021 16:08

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