99th Anniversary of Liberation to be Celebrated for 10 Days in Ödemiş

the anniversary of liberation in odemiste will be celebrated throughout the day
the anniversary of liberation in odemiste will be celebrated throughout the day

The 99th anniversary of the liberation of Ödemiş from the enemy occupation, which went down in history with the resistance of İlkkurşun, will be celebrated with various activities. The celebration program, which will open its doors after a one-year hiatus, includes many events such as concerts, festivals, panels, competitions and tournaments between 3-13 September 2021.

National Fair again after a year break

the anniversary of liberation in odemiste will be celebrated throughout the day

As part of the celebrations of the 99th anniversary of Ödemiş's liberation from the enemy occupation, the official ceremony will be held on Friday at 10.00:11.00 at the Government Square. At XNUMX, the opening of the painting exhibition titled “Liberation with Efes from Ödemiş” by “Painter of Efes” Mustafa Ali Kasap will be held at Ödemiş Yıldız City Archive and Museum.

Ödemiş National Fair, which could not be held last year due to pandemic measures, will open its doors for the 37th time. The opening program of Ödemiş National Fair will be held on Friday evening at 19.00 in the fair area opposite 125. Yıl Kültürpark.

A folk song night with Bedia Akartürk

After the opening of the fair, at 21.00, the famous Turkish Folk Music artist Bedia Akartürk from Ödemiş will have a folk song feast for her fellow countrymen. 125. Yıl Kültürpark will host the folk song night with Bedia Akartürk.

On Saturday, September 4, at 20.00, the third book of master journalist Yüksel Balcı from Ödemiş will be promoted at the Ödemiş Municipality stand at the fairground.

City Orchestra will take the stage at 125th Yıl Kültürpark on Saturday evening. Artists from Ödemiş will sing their songs and folk songs with the enthusiasm of liberation.

Golden Arched Horse Race

On Sunday, September 5, the horses will run for the liberation of Ödemiş. The Golden Arch Rahvan Horse Race, which will be held in memory of İsmail Zeybek in cooperation with the Turkish Traditional Sports Federation and the Municipality of Ödemiş, will be held on Sunday at 10.00 in the ambulatory horse racing area in Günlüce Mahallesi.

On Monday, September 6, at 21.00, a poetry and music concert will be held at Park Cafe in cooperation with Ödemiş Art Events Channel. Yasemin Hardal, Kader Kızılsal, Zarife Özcan, Selim Şahan and Melih Uzunkol will share the excitement of liberation with their poems.

Music feast from Ödemiş Municipality choirs

On Tuesday evening, September 7, the musical feast will continue with the joint concert of the Turkish Folk Music and Turkish Classical Music choirs within the body of Ödemiş Municipality. The address of the concert, which will start at 21.00, will be 125. Yıl Kültürpark.

Music groups from schools in Ödemiş will take the stage at 9th Yıl Kültürpark on Thursday evening, September 125th. The event, in which the stage will be for the youth, will also start at 21.00:XNUMX.

On Friday, September 10th, at 17.00, the children's play, Searching for a Rabbit, will be staged for the children of Ödemiş. The show at the Tuesday Market Park will be held in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

A panel that will shed light on the Kuvayi Milliye and the National Struggle

Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Arts and Sciences History Department lecturer Dr. Günver Güneş will give information to the people of Ödemiş with his presentations titled “National Struggle in Ödemiş” and Researcher Writer Filiz Özcan with the title of “Kuvayı Milliye and Ali Orhan İlkkurşun in Ödemiş”.

At 21.00, the concert of Ödemiş Municipality guitar course trainees will be hosted by 125th Yıl Kültürpark.

Cycling tour from the city center to İlkkurşun

In Ödemiş, where the use of bicycles is quite common, the liberation anniversary events will continue on Sunday, September 12 with a bicycle tour. The bike tour, which will start in front of the Government Office at 17.30, will end at the İlkkurşun Monument in the İlkkurşun District.

On Monday, September 13, the celebrations will end with the Neighborhood Festival of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The 125th Year Neighborhood Festival in Kültürpark will start at 20.00:XNUMX.

Evenings full of sports with tournaments

Independence anniversary events will also witness exciting matches in basketball and volleyball. The 39th Street Basketball Tournament will be held on the basketball court in Tuesday Pazarı Park between September 2-5. The final matches of the tournament, which will start on Thursday evening, September 2 and the award ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 5 at 20.00:XNUMX.

The excitement of the volleyball tournament will be experienced in Thursday Market Park. The final of the tournament, which will start on Monday, September 6, and the award ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 12 at 20.00:XNUMX.

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