Yoroz Urban Forest Opens to Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Sports

yoroz urban forest opens to mountaineering and rock climbing sports
yoroz urban forest opens to mountaineering and rock climbing sports

Yoroz City Forest, which has become more attractive with the efforts of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, opens up to mountaineering and rock climbing sports. With the works prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, it is aimed to train new athletes by creating a climbing track in the Yoroz City Forest.

Located in Saraycık Neighborhood of Altınordu district of Ordu and the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Declared as an Urban Forest in June 2006 during the period of Mehmet Hilmi Güler's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the 900-meter high Yoroz took on a completely different identity with the works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality.


The works initiated by President Güler in the Yoroz City Forest in order to make the existing tourism areas in Ordu more attractive and to increase the recreational areas with touristic attraction have come to an end. In this context, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality teams completed the renovation of the walking steps, the bicycle path that provides access to an area close to the summit and is closed to vehicle traffic except for emergencies, the horse safari tracks and the sitting benches and picnic table on the walking track.


The construction of the observation deck at the summit point and the camellia works to be built along the hiking route continue. Yoroz City Forest, which has gained a new identity with the works carried out, is appreciated by its visitors.


With the initiatives of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Yoroz City Forest, which has increased its attractiveness after the works, is opened to mountaineering sports. Yoroz, which attracts the attention of everyone interested in mountaineering with its natural climbing areas, will serve mountaineering and rock climbing sports with the climbing tracks to be created.


A climbing event was held in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Ordu Mountaineering Specialization Sports Club for the purpose of on-site determination of the planned works in the Yoroz Urban Forest. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Asım Suyabatmaz, Ordu Mountaineering Specialized Sports Club President Yılmaz Seferoğlu and club members participated in the climb.


Evaluating the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in Yoroz, Advisor to the Mayor Asım Suyabatmaz stated that the attraction of Yoroz is increasing day by day.

Stating that they have started preparations to open Yoroz to mountaineering and rock climbing sports, Suyabatmaz said, “As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to increase the attractiveness of the Yoroz City Forest. With the road opened as a result of the work we carried out in cooperation with our General Directorate of Forestry in Yoroz, we facilitated the first aid interventions in case of emergency and the intervention of the fire brigade against fires. At the same time, we brought this road opened to bicycle safari tour activities. In addition, we have turned Yoroz into an adventure space, a place where you can spend pleasant times with your family, with the improvement of walking paths, stairs and sitting benches.

Now we bring Yoroz to mountaineering and rock climbing. In this sense, we will increase the attractiveness of our army by bringing the necessary teams to examine and the tracks to be determined by the professional teams under the name of Yoroz Climbing Track. We will make the designated areas available to all sports fans and adventurers as soon as possible. With this track, we will create a new attraction and destination area for climbing athletes and adventure lovers outside Ordu.”


Yılmaz Seferoğlu, Chairman of Ordu Mountaineering Specialized Sports Club, who participated in the event and climbed together with the club members, emphasized that Yoroz is very suitable for climbing trainings.

Stating that the athletes who will go to the Federation will receive their preliminary training in Yoroz, Seferoğlu said, “We use Yoroz to train our athletes on basic climbing training and rope descent techniques. We are planning to create new climbing routes in Yoroz with the support of our Metropolitan Municipality. We send a lot of athletes to federation trainings. Yoroz is very important for us to give the preliminary training of these athletes. We will continue our trainings here by making this place very special with the cooperation of our Metropolitan Municipality.”

Expressing their satisfaction with the trails, the athletes climbing in Yoroz added that they are happy that the area will be opened for mountaineering and rock climbing.

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