New Mercedes-Benz Citan and eCitan Introduced

new mercedes benz citan and ecitan introduced
new mercedes benz citan and ecitan introduced

The compact exterior dimensions combined with the large interior volume and high load capacity in the new Mercedes-Benz Citan enable a wide variety of applications, especially in urban delivery and service delivery operations. The product is offered in both Panel Van and Tourer (combi) types. Combined with the wide-opening sliding doors on the right and left of the vehicle and the low loading sill, access to the interior of the Citan and eCitan is easy, and loads can be loaded easily into the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, passengers can enjoy the comfortable seats of the Citan Tourer. In addition to its high functionality and versatility, the vehicle also offers comprehensive safety equipment and high driving comfort.

Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles: “We are successfully maintaining our presence in the large and medium-sized light commercial vehicle segment with Sprinter and Vito. The New Citan in the small-sized light commercial vehicle segment will be the part that completes our portfolio. The tool has been completely redeveloped by professionals for professionals. From its unique design to its driving characteristics, safety and connectivity, the Citan carries Mercedes-Benz DNA in every aspect. Citan is also the last new vehicle project developed with internal combustion engines for commercial customers of Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles. All future new developments will only be offered with electric motors. Therefore, the New eCitan will be a logical step in this consistent electrification journey.”

The design of the new Mercedes-Benz Citan stands out with its balanced proportions and sensual surface design. Design elements such as the strong body line and prominent fenders, which are unusual for small-sized light commercial vehicles, emphasize the vehicle's power and emotional appeal.

Gorden Wagener, Daimler Chief Design Officer: “It is clear at first glance that the new Citan is a member of Mercedes-Benz. Clear shapes with fewer lines and strong surfaces reflect our philosophy of sensual purity.”

Inside the vehicle, the horizontal position of the instrument cluster is particularly striking. Mercedes-Benz designers drew inspiration from the wing profile when designing the bulky and wide instrument panel carrier with attractive curves. Continuous and horizontal positioning was a decisive factor at this point. The narrow wing extends into the interior of the vehicle and creates a feeling of great volume. The display unit is formed by cutting out this wing. Its shape resembles an eroded stone. The space formed between the wing and the stone serves as a practical storage compartment that provides quick access to important tools.

Numerous different uses and convenient loading

Compact exterior dimensions (Length: 4498 mm) are combined with ample volume in the Citan. Thanks to its different versions and practical equipment details, it offers many different usage possibilities and easy loading. The Citan is launched in two different variants as Panel Van and Tourer. Later, it is planned that the Mixto version will be offered to customers, as well as other long-wheelbase variants. Even in its short-wheelbase variant (2716 mm), the Citan offers a much larger volume compared to its predecessor. For example, the length of the luggage compartment of the Panel Van version with the flexible partition wall has reached 3,05 meters.

Sliding doors stand out as a practical feature, especially in tight parking spaces. The number of sliding doors in the new Citan can be increased to two. These doors offer a wide opening of 615 millimeters on both sides of the vehicle. The height of the boot opening is 1059 millimeters. The luggage compartment is also easily accessible from the rear: the loading sill of the van version is 59 cm high. In addition, the rear doors can be locked at a 90-degree angle and open up to 180 degrees to the sides of the vehicle. The left wing, which is wider than the asymmetrical rear doors, must be opened first. Heated windows and rear doors with windscreen wipers can be ordered optionally. A tailgate with these two equipment options can also be requested.

The Tourer comes as standard with a tailgate with a rear window. Alternatively, a back door option is also available. The rear row seats can be folded in a ratio of 1/3:2/3. The large number of storage spaces and compartments make the Citan easy to use on a daily basis.

The Citan Panel Van is available in fixed (with and without glass options) or folding partition wall variants between the driver's cabin and the luggage compartment. The folding partition wall option was very popular in the previous model and its features have been improved in the new model. When long objects need to be transported, this grille on the front passenger side can be rotated 90 degrees to fold and lock towards the driver's seat. The front passenger seat can also be folded to create a flat floor. The load protection grille is made of steel and designed to protect the driver and front seat passenger from loads.

Going to the construction site early in the morning, driving in difficult stop-and-go traffic or providing shuttle service at the airport… As a small-sized light commercial vehicle driver, you know that your workday can be tough. Fortunately, however, the team that developed the Mercedes-Benz Citan placed great emphasis on achieving the level of comfort associated with the brand, with exemplary noise levels, seat comfort and various practical equipment items. This not only contributes to the well-being of the drivers, but also benefits in particular in terms of safety: Drivers are better able to focus on traffic when they are comfortable. For this purpose, the new Citan; The THERMOTRONIC is equipped with comfort and convenience systems familiar from passenger cars, such as the KEYLESS-GO start feature and the electronic parking brake.

Panel van and Tourer are available in BASE and PRO equipment lines. The BASE Series offers customers a functional entry-level variant with all the essential equipment required. In the PRO Series, on the other hand, additional functions are combined with a design that represents the brand.

Modern and economical engines

The engine range of the new Citan consists of three diesel and two petrol models. The driveability and economical consumption values ​​achieved even in the low rev range are the common strengths of these engines. The 85 kW version of the diesel engine in panel van models offers even higher acceleration, for example, when overtaking, with the overpower/overtorque function. For a short time, 89 kW of power and 295 Nm of torque are available.

Power units comply with Euro 6d emission norms. All engines have the ECO start/stop function. In addition to the 6-speed manual transmission, there is also a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission option for the most powerful diesel and gasoline models.

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eCitan offers a range of 285 km

The eCitan is launching in the second half of 2022. This all-electric model from the Citan expands its electric commercial vehicle portfolio consisting of the eVito and eSprinter. The range of the vehicle is planned to be approximately 285 kilometers according to WLTP. Thus, the needs of commercial users, who usually use the vehicle for local courier and delivery services, can be met. It is aimed to reach the battery from 40 percent to 10 percent in about 80 minutes at fast charging stations. It is also a significant advantage that customers do not have to make any concessions in terms of luggage compartment dimensions, load capacity and equipment availability compared to vehicles with conventional engines. The eCitan also has a trailer hitch.

Safe and comfortable driving experience both when empty and when carrying loads

Mercedes-Benz Development Team; It placed great emphasis on achieving brand-specific driving characteristics, defined as a balanced combination of driving comfort, dynamics and safety. A MacPherson type lower wishbone axle is used on the front wheels. At the rear is the space-saving torsion beam axle. Axle carrier link arms provide additional steering for the wheels, while the springs and shock absorbers are designed separately from each other.

In extensive vehicle tests, the Citan's springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars were carefully tuned to match each other. The Tourer is equipped with springs with a spring ratio typical of Mercedes-Benz and shock absorbers on the front and rear axles with a correspondingly adjusted damping force. Thus, the driving characteristics of the Citan reflect the Mercedes-Benz DNA. The reinforced anti-roll bar on the front axle of the Citan Tourer reduces roll when cornering.

The new Citan offers a safe and comfortable driving experience both when empty and when carrying cargo. The vehicle also exhibits a strong character against heavy loads. The panel van has been optimized for heavy loads. In this way, the vehicle can be driven with perfect balance even when carrying heavy loads. The Citan Tourer, on the other hand, has been made ideal for carrying light loads and passengers, with a greater focus on comfort.

Comprehensive safety equipment

Safety is one of the core values ​​of Mercedes-Benz. The robust body structure with energy-absorbing distribution paths, up to seven airbags and various modern driving assistance systems contribute to a high level of safety.

Mercedes-Benz Small Light Commercial Vehicles Segment Strategic Project Manager and Chief Engineer Dirk Hipp: “When coordinating the driving assistance systems, our aim was to apply the Mercedes-Benz automobiles philosophy of comfortable and harmonious interventions in light commercial vehicles. ESP, Hill Start Assist System and Side Wind Assist System are flawless interventions that do not catch the eye of the customers.”

Driving assistance and parking systems, supported by radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras, monitor traffic and the environment. The system can give a warning or intervene when necessary, providing support to the driver. As in the new generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class and S-Class, Active Lane Keeping Assist uses steering interventions instead of braking, thus offering great comfort.

In addition to the legally mandated ABS and ESP systems, the new Citan models are equipped with Hill Start Assist, Wind Sway Assist, Attention Assist with fatigue warning system and Mercedes-Benz emergency call system as standard. More comprehensive assistance systems are used in the Citan Tourer: Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Speed ​​Limit Assist with traffic sign detection, offered as standard in this model, offer additional support to the drivers.

Many other driving assistance systems are optionally available, such as Active Follow Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist, which can automatically take over driving in congested traffic. Active Steering Assist helps the driver keep the Citan in lane.

The Citan is a pioneer in safety systems. For example, the Citan Tourer is fitted as standard with a center airbag that can inflate between the driver and front passenger seats in the event of a severe side collision. In this way, the passengers in the vehicle can be protected by a total of seven airbags. The panel van has six airbags as standard.

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