Attention to jowl sagging in women!

watch out for sagging in women
watch out for sagging in women

Hands, neck and décolleté quickly reveal your age. It is possible to achieve non-surgical rejuvenation with the right treatment methods to be applied to these areas. Medical Esthetician Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor gave information about non-surgical neck and décolleté rejuvenation methods.

Aging is a very normal and beautiful process. With the right methods and treatments, a person can age with pleasure and preserve their beauty. The beauty of the face and body should be evaluated as a whole. People usually focus on their facial areas; It should not be forgotten that the neck and décolleté area will also age, even if they are treated for these areas.

In some people, deformation of the neck and décolleté can be seen at an early age. The jowl problem, the lines in the neck area and the wrinkles that can be seen in the décolleté area… These problems are; According to the problem, the severity of the problem and age, different treatment procedures can be developed and treated without surgery.

If a person's jowl is accumulating, if both fat and skin sagging are seen in the area; The facial structure of the person should be carefully examined. After examining the facial structure of the person, strengthening the jaw line reduces the appearance of the jowl by almost 50%. However, different treatment methods can be followed in people who have more severe jowl and neck problems. People who have this problem should pay attention to the jaw line first. If the person's bone line is not strong enough; an accumulation can be seen in the jowl. Since our different facial types and anatomical structures are different, it cannot be expected for everyone to have a flat jowl or to get the same result from the treatment applied. He stated the importance of personal treatment procedures designed for the face structure, problem and needs of the person. The jowl problem can be evaluated independently of the weight gain and loss process. Just like the fat accumulated in the abdomen, fat can accumulate locally in the jowl area. This is how much weight you lose; means that you will face a jowl problem. In such cases, local thinning treatments can be used. The most common method preferred by those who want to provide rejuvenation in the neck area is the botox procedure applied to the neck bands. Thanks to this easy, painless and quick-resulting procedure, the neck looks more tense and alive. Mesotherapy can also be used in neck rejuvenation treatments. The prepared mesotherapy cocktail is injected into the wrinkles on the neck; It helps to open wrinkles. The contents and planning of mesotherapy vary according to the thin or thick skin structure, the age of the patient, the depth and density of the lines. Another method used to remove strong and deep neck lines is filling processes. Necklines can be removed in a short time by using satin or bone fillings.

In winter, the treatment procedure can be supported by laser methods, depending on the intensity of the complaint. French suspension methods give effective results in rejuvenating and lifting the jowl and neck area. Thanks to the French hangers, its appearance is minimized by stretching the jowl. The neck gets rid of wrinkles as a result of this "lifting" process. The French sling method accelerates the treatment process by increasing the collagen formation in the region.

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