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youtubethe location of the league vtubegetting a share
youtubethe location of the league vtubegetting a share

Istinye University Faculty Member Dr. According to Naim Çetintürk, YoutubeVirtual place of r Youtuber's so Vtubeleaving it to r's. V in the worldtubeyour r's YoutubeÇetintürk stated that he started to get ahead of the r's. Youtube The most money from Superchat kazanan 10 out of 7 publishers are Vtubesays it's r. Dr. Çetintürk said, “The leader in this field is V.tuber's 810 thousand dollars kazanIt's possible to see what's going on," he says.

Continuing to rise in the world and in Turkey YoutubeVirtual place of r Youtuber's so VtubeDoes it leave it to r's? Video site that increases its audience day by day. YouTubeproducing content for Youtubewith r's YoutubeIt has almost become a profession. With the character created using computer graphics YouTube V for people who produce content fortubeit's called r. Istinye University (ISU) Department of International Trade and Business Faculty Member Dr. According to Naim Çetintürk, although it does not take place very much in Turkey yet,tuber YoutubeHe started to get ahead of the r. “Already in the world Youtube The most money from Superchat kazanmoment 10 of 7 publisherstuber and the leader in this field is V.tuber's 810 thousand dollars kazanIt is possible to see what is going on," said Çetintürk,tubeHe states that the weight of r on digital content platforms is increasing.

Vtubewill make you feel the weight of r

ISU Faculty Member Dr. Naim Çetintürk, stating that we are in a period when the world has evolved to a different point in terms of digitalization with the pandemic, continues as follows:

“The practice of innovations that large masses, especially e-commerce, feared before or did not consider necessary, and the discovery that even an application such as 'remote working', which is feared for employers, yields more than expected, encourages individuals to try more innovations. One of the similar trends, as strange as the others at first, is that virtual Youtube (Vtuber) To be a manufacturer. When you say unreal shopping, virtual office, the interest is increasing.tuber will make its weight felt more on digital content platforms in the coming period.”

Virtual YoutubeIt's not that hard to be r

Dr. Cetinturk, Youtuber to VtubeHe summarizes the difference of r as follows:

"YoutubeBeing a r is a virtue in itself. Planning content, announcing this content in an online ecosystem where anyone with a camera or phone can produce, attracting the attention of the audience, and continuing production by keeping the interest alive on different topics. Youtuber (Virtual YoutuberVtuber) It's not that hard to be. It's even ideal for broadcasters who don't want to share their own image. Using various programs, the person can instantly transform himself into a cartoon character in front of the camera. Moreover, these programs can reflect all body movements, including facial expressions. Since mostly figures resembling anime characters are used, Vtuber profiles mostly have a far eastern look. On the other hand, being a cartoon character opens the door to being mysterious for the followers, beyond covering up the flaws in its real image for the publisher. However, Vtuber may seem strange as we are accustomed to exist with our own identity on social platforms nowadays. However, at the beginning of the 90s, chat rooms that we entered and exited using 'nickname' (nickname), platforms such as MiRC, ICQ, MSN, where we completely disguised ourselves, but where we exist with what we write and talk to, are actually VtubeIt's like proving that we're familiar with the idea of ​​r.”

most money kazan10 out of 7 broadcasters Vtuber

Leading Vtuber's 810 thousand dollars kazanÇetintürk states that it is possible to see

“Today V.tuber has become a growing trend and is already in the world. Youtube The most money from Superchat (video broadcast where viewers can donate live) kazanmoment 10 of 7 publisherstuber and the leader in this field is V.tuber's 810 thousand dollars kazanpossible to see. Moreover, these created characters have started to take on the role of brand ambassadors as virtual idols. Especially for trademarks selling toys and character products, these toys' VtubeMaking r versions is a unique way to build a social community. Of course, V doing business on this scaletubeBehind r's is not a single publisher, but an extensive teamwork. first VtubeThe account, which stands out as r, has around 3 million followers today. Coming to our country, a few VtubeAlthough there are r accounts, it is difficult to say that they have reached a large number of followers yet.”

Virtualization comes to the fore again

Stating that virtualization has come to the fore again as it was in the 90s, Çetintürk said, “We have evolved in about thirty years; In the process of existing with our own identity from the virtual user, a stronger virtualization comes to the fore among our new post-pandemic normals. In order to communicate with the younger generation, who are in close contact with social media, and to create brand sympathy, companiestube“It stands out as a marketing solution that can be an alternative to short-term collaborations with certain influencers.”

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