Bus Drivers Making Long Distances Rest at the Captain's Lodge

Sofors are resting in the hood of the captain
Sofors are resting in the hood of the captain

Bus drivers making long journeys have the opportunity to rest at the Captain's Mansion, which was put into service at the Great Istanbul Bus Terminal. kazanhe's eating. Thus, traffic accidents caused by the intensity of the drivers are prevented.

When it comes to the causes of consecutive fatal accidents after the holiday, the first factor was that the vehicle personnel, especially the driver, could not get enough rest. Drivers and assistants have the opportunity to sleep in the "Captain's Villa", which has been put into service for three months at the Greater Istanbul Bus Station by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). In addition, bus personnel can take a shower, wash their uniforms, and have breakfast. The bus personnel who visited the mansion expressed their satisfaction for the cleanness of the place offered to them.

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Fahrettin Beşli, Manager of Büyük İstanbul Bus Terminal, who shared his views on the subject, said, “We have a plan to increase the bed capacity by building a similar structure next to it, in case the capacity is not sufficient and exceeds, in case the need and demand increase.” Beşli stated that they are trying to create the infrastructure that will eliminate all possibilities that will cause the sector to be upset with the accident.

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