TAI Will Create Business Models With Startup Companies

tusas will create business models with startup companies
tusas will create business models with startup companies

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) came together with about 20 Startup companies. TAI will create business models within the framework of the agile structure of Startup companies and their effectiveness in solutions.

TUSAŞ, which came together with about 20 Startup companies in the fields of informatics and technology, aims to carry out studies that will set an example for the world. In this context, TAI will carry out joint studies with companies in the projects carried out within its body and in the fields it needs. TUSAŞ, which currently contributes to the studies that prioritize the development of the auxiliary industry from software to production, will accelerate its efforts for startup companies to take an active role in the system it will develop. Thus, by including startup companies in the aviation ecosystem, it will directly contribute to the potential development and qualified workforce of the companies.

Visiting the start-up companies at the Efficiency and Technology Fair and inviting them to TUSAŞ within the scope of potential collaborations, TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said: “We will enter a new process for TAI by developing new business models with our start-up companies. Together we will develop models to show the world an exemplary work. It is very important to include such young, dynamic and agile companies in the aviation eco system. We want to make a strong contribution to the technological ecosystem of our country by doing our best to create this unity.”

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