TAI Awarded Supplier of the Year Award by Spirit

Awarded Supplier of the Year award by tusas spirit
Awarded Supplier of the Year award by tusas spirit

📩 28/08/2021 14:51

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), which is the sole source manufacturer of various parts for the world's leading aircraft, was awarded the "Supplier of the Year" award for its timely and flawless production. TUSAŞ, which has been collaborating with Spirit since 2002, won the biggest award for Turkey as the "Supplier of the Year".

TUSAŞ, which was awarded the supplier of the year award by Spirit, one of the main manufacturers for aircraft structures, continues its activities by improving its business volume with Spirit since 2002. The two companies, which signed an offset agreement in return for 2002 NATO AWACS aircraft that Turkey bought from Boeing in 5, signed a cooperation for the production of 400 semi-assembly parts for TUSAŞ. Thanks to the high quality and delivery performance of TAI, which meets the competitive conditions, its contract has been extended and its business volumes have been increased continuously. TUSAŞ, which has delivered nearly 2002 million parts to Spirit company since 5, showed a performance of 99.8 percent or more in quality and delivery. TUSAŞ, which delivered nearly 1 parts to Spirit in a year just before the pandemic, aims to continue its activities by further expanding its business volume in the coming period.

Sharing his views on the award won, TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “We were awarded the Supplier of the Year award by Spirit for our achievements in our production, planning, quality and delivery activities. We continue to be the leading company in international deliveries in the field of air structures. I would like to thank my colleagues for making us feel this pride.”

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