Türktraktör broke a production and export record in the first half of the year

turktraktor broke a production and export record in the first half of the year
turktraktor broke a production and export record in the first half of the year

TürkTraktör, the first manufacturer of the Turkish automotive industry, broke new records by increasing its production by 2021 percent and its exports by 105 percent in the first half of 31. Growing in parallel with the increasing strategic importance of agriculture in the first half of 2021, which was under the influence of the uncertainties due to the pandemic process, TürkTraktör increased its total sales by 94 percent and increased its turnover to 5 billion 576 million TL. The company, which produced 25 tractors in the first half of the year, realized approximately two-thirds of the total tractor production in Turkey. TürkTraktör, which carries out 335 percent of the tractor exports from our country to foreign markets alone, has a 88 percent share of exports in total turnover.

TürkTraktör's operating profit margin and EBITDA margin, which rose to 5 billion 576 million TL in the first half of the year due to the increase in its turnover, were 14,1 percent and 15,5 percent, respectively. With all these results, TürkTraktör completed the first half of the year with a net profit of 608 million TL.

TürkTraktör General Manager Aykut Özüner said that the basis of the performance achieved in production and exports in the first half of 2021, when uncertainties continued, was the R&D studies that enabled them to continue to produce at low cost and high quality. Stating that productivity increase is possible thanks to R&D centers, Özüner underlined that they are the only company operating in the sector with 2 R&D centers. Emphasizing that the pandemic has had an accelerating effect on understanding the importance of productivity and sustainability in agriculture, Özüner made the following assessment: “We can talk about 14 important factors that have made TürkTraktör the uninterrupted market leader for 3 years. The first of these is our strong and unique R&D capability. We allocate an average of 250-300 million TL of funds every year for our R&D and factory renovation investments. Another issue is that we have a very flexible production capability that can produce a wide range of products in high quantities in every field needed in agriculture. The third is our extensive and secure service network in sales and after sales. We stand by our farmers at every point with our approximately 500 service and 150 spare parts dealers throughout Turkey.”

Sales of Domestic Production Construction Equipment Increased 4 Times

Stating that as TürkTraktör, they filled an important gap in the construction equipment sector, which they entered in 2013, Özüner said, “The positive contribution of the domestic construction equipment, which we started to produce in 2020, to our non-tractor income continues to increase by accelerating. We started to produce the New Holland and Case brand backhoe loader product range in our Ankara factory last year. We increased our market share in a short time. In the first half of the year, we sold 269 construction equipment. In the rest of the year, we aim to increase our awareness in the sector and to increase our market share even higher.”

TürkTraktör created a manifesto for the future of Turkish agriculture

TürkTraktör, aiming to always stand by and support farmers in sustainable agricultural production with the vision of being the company that steers modern agriculture, has declared this purpose through a manifesto. According to the five-item TürkTraktör Manifesto, the company will accelerate its efforts to democratize the use of technology in agriculture, carry out projects to strengthen the perception of Turkish farmers about the environment and climate change, continue R&D studies for the development of agricultural equipment that will increase productivity in production, It will increase its responsibility for the protection of Turkish agriculture and lastly, it will raise awareness about sustainability in the society.

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