Producing Turkey's Armor Steel, Miilux OY Exhibits Technology Products at IDEF21

Miilux vote, which produces Turkey's armor steel, will reduce dependence on abroad
Miilux vote, which produces Turkey's armor steel, will reduce dependence on abroad

Miilux OY, the company that OYAK acquired to strengthen domestic production, exhibits its cutting-edge technology products that will reset imports at IDEF'21 Defense Industry Fair. Miilux OY, which produces armor steel and wear-resistant steel with an annual capacity of 38 thousand tons and meets Turkey's armor steel needs, aims to reduce foreign dependency.

Organized under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, IDEF'21 International Defense Industry Fair is held at TUYAP Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul on 17-20 August. Continuing its production with the aim of reducing foreign dependency by producing armor steel and wear-resistant steel for the Turkish defense industry, Miilux OY will bring its latest technology products together with its visitors during the fair.

In line with Turkey's goal of producing domestic armor steel, OYAK acquired the majority shares of Finland-based Miilux OY in 2019. With the purchase, OYAK, in addition to the factories in Finland and Poland; It also established Turkey's first and only flat steel heat treatment factory in Manisa. Continuing its efforts to meet all of Turkey's armor steel needs, Miilux OY continues its activities with the aim of zeroing the import of armor steel to our country, with an annual production of 38 thousand tons using the qualified flat steel produced by Erdemir and İsdemir.

Miilux OY produces the highest quality armor steel with its 20 years of experience

Turkey's armor, Miilux OY, produces Miilux Protection 280T, the armor steel used in the defense industry. This armor steel has high toughness and resistance to explosion and shock waves, which is preferred in armored vehicle designs such as battle tanks, armored combat, and armored personnel carriers. Miilux's Protection 440T product is used in applications requiring puncture, impact and explosion resistance on the side walls and floors of armored vehicles. The Protection 500T product is used in the sidewall, roof and turret parts of armored vehicles that require shaping. Miilux Protection 600T, on the other hand, is preferred by armored vehicle manufacturers with the highest hardness due to its ability to be shaped into existing designs for add-on and stand-alone purposes without welding-twisting.

Continuing to produce wear-resistant steel with Miilux 400-450-500 products, which are used in wear-resistant product designs such as dampers, buckets, attachments and conveyors in the on-board equipment, construction machinery and mining sectors, Miilux OY continues its R&D studies on heat-treated high-strength steels. it continues.

Contributing to the national economy with domestic production, Miilux OY will also increase its exports.

Miilux OY, which is able to meet all of Turkey's high-strength steel needs, including armor steel, without the need for external resources, continues its activities with the aim of growing both in the country and abroad within the framework of OYAK's global vision. Miilux OY, which provides products to the leading companies of the defense industry such as BMC, Otokar, FNSS, Nurol Makina, Katmerciler, Roketsan, Aselsan in Turkey, exports to countries such as Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, South Africa and Nigeria. It continues its activities with the aim of increasing its power in the foreign market by taking part in the foreign market.

Miilux OY's stand can be visited at IDEF'21 Defense Industry Fair in Hall 7, 710 A, between 17-20 August 2021.



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