World's Highest Highway Opened in Tibet

world's highest highway in tibet
world's highest highway in tibet

📩 22/08/2021 13:52

Nagqu Lhasa highway in Tibet Autonomous Region, which was completed after 4 years of construction, entered service today. This highway is the highest highway in the world in terms of altitude above sea level.

With a length of 295 kilometers and an altitude of 4 meters above sea level, this highway is part of the highway from Beijing to Lhasa.

The Nagqu-Lhasa highway, which passes through tourist attractions such as grasslands, snow-capped mountains and wetlands, is expected to stimulate the development of tourism around the route.

The Nagqu-Lhasa highway is also an environmentally friendly road. A total of 145 bridges were built along the way. The construction of bridges can minimize damage to wetlands and grasslands along the way. Under the bridge, there are passages for the yak and sheep to walk.

This highway is the first highway to connect Lhasa, the center of Tibet Autonomous Region, with the grasslands of northern Tibet. After opening to traffic, the journey from Lhasa to Nagqu was reduced from 6 hours to 3 hours. Dairy products produced by Nagqu herders can be shipped faster to Lhasa and elsewhere

Source: China International Radio

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