Giant Machine Drilling 145 Meters in One Time Started to Work

The giant machine that can drill a meter hole in one go has started.
The giant machine that can drill a meter hole in one go has started.

China's largest-diameter tunnel digger “Yunhe” has started excavating as part of the reconstruction project of the east side of the 6th ring boulevard in suburban Beijing. Developed by Chinese engineers, this tunnel digging machine has the capacity to dig a hole/cavity with a diameter of 16,07 meters and a length of 145 meters in a single entrance; Its weight is about 4 thousand 500 tons.

According to the information provided by the state-owned construction company Communications Construction Company (CCCC), the excavation tool in question is equipped with many advanced technologies. So much so that it can dig a tunnel of 4 meters without the need to change the drill bit/head.

The part of the project that is currently being carried out in the eastern suburb of Beijing poses significant construction challenges, as many roads, railroads and rivers pass under it. Therefore, the tunnel digger has to work at a depth of 59 meters. Gou Changchun, chief engineer of construction machinery for the project in question, stated that the digger will excavate 10 meter per day as a trial before starting to dig 1 meters per day.

Renovation construction works of the eastern section of Beijing 6th ring boulevard will contribute to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, allowing the capital's peripheral highways to be relieved to some extent from heavy traffic pressure.

Source: China International Radio



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