Special Precaution Against Fires

special precautions against fires
special precautions against fires

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council took action on the fires that shook Turkey. The Assembly unanimously approved the establishment of the Fire Brigade Forest Villages and Rural Area Fires Response Branch within the scope of the Fire Brigade Department. Within the directorate to be established, possible fire risks will be investigated throughout the city, a professional team will be formed for an accurate and successful response in areas with high fire risk, and fire response points will be established.

The first session of the August ordinary council meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer made under his administration. At the opening of the meeting at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM), President Soyer spoke about the forest fires that have occurred in recent days. Stating that large forest areas have been destroyed by fires in many parts of Turkey, Soyer said, “As of today, we are receiving news that the fires that have been going on for 13 days have come to an end. We express our condolences to the people who lost their lives and to their relatives. We say get well soon to our producers whose houses were burned and whose goods were damaged.”

Thanks to the fire department and the police

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor reminded that there are frequent traffic accidents in recent days. Tunç Soyer, said: “We learned that many of our citizens lost their lives in two traffic accidents in a row. I wish God's mercy on our citizens who lost their lives. There hasn't been any news that made us smile during the past month. Success at the Olympics made us proud. There are many successful athletes from Izmir, we are proud of them. We would like to thank our firefighters and police officers who prevented a major fire in Izmir. They worked hard in the promenades, in the forests. More than 30 fires were extinguished as soon as they started. We owe them a lot. I would like to thank our firefighter brothers who worked at the fire place for their hard work and dedication.”

Establishment of new branch office

In the assembly, the proposal for the establishment of Fire Brigade Forest Villages and Rural Area Fires Response Branch Directorate within the body of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, which was added to the agenda by the Presidency, was also discussed. Speaking about the proposal, Soyer said, "We took a duty from this disaster and informed the branch that will take measures in forest villages in İzmir." The proposal was passed by voting in the assembly.

The Metropolitan Municipality will investigate possible fire risks throughout the city within the directorate to be established. A professional team will be established for an accurate and successful response in areas where the risk of fire is high. Equipment will also be provided in line with needs and requirements. Again, fire fighting points will be created. The people of the region will be included in the preliminary intervention by raising awareness against fire and natural disasters.

Support decision to Muğla

Continuing its support to the producers damaged by the fires in Muğla, the Metropolitan Municipality took another decision. According to the item added to the agenda by the Presidency and accepted unanimously, 7 sacks of lamb grower feed support will be given to small-scale producers affected by fire in Muğla and its districts.

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