Sivas Izmir Flights Start Again on September 1

Sivas Izmir Flights Start Again in September
Sivas Izmir Flights Start Again in September

Flights to Izmir were canceled in the past months. Mustafa Eken, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), said that Izmir flights will begin on September 1.

Stating that the cancellation of flights made the business world and citizens suffer, Mustafa Eken, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said, “In 2019, flights to Izmir were canceled, we talked to Pegasus General Manager and they were restarted within a month. At the beginning of the summer, flights were again suspended. We immediately contacted Pegasus General Manager regarding the issue. We explained the situation and demanded that the flights be restarted. Our Governor, Deputies and Mayor also took initiatives on the subject. In the feedback we received from Pegasus, we were informed that flights to Izmir will resume on September 1st. Best wishes. I would like to thank those who contributed,” he said.

Expressing that they deal with the cancellations of flights in certain periods, President Eken said, “We should not deal with the resumption of flights while Sivas is growing, factories are coming, incentives are coming, infrastructures are being built, high-speed trains are coming, and the second university is opening. We need to come together and resolve this issue permanently. We need to make Sivas a place where planes can come from all directions, not only from Izmir, but also from Antalya and Ankara. As the Chamber, we made the necessary negotiations and took initiatives. If we create public opinion and put pressure together with our politicians, our flights will be permanent," he said.



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