What should be done for a comfortable sleep? Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

What to do for a comfortable sleep Tips to help you fall asleep
What to do for a comfortable sleep Tips to help you fall asleep

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One of the basic requirements of living a fit and healthy life is quality and regular sleep. However, due to the responsibilities, stress and intense pace of daily life, you may have difficulty falling asleep, getting quality sleep or establishing a sleep pattern from time to time. In this case, you may wake up every new day in a more tired, dejected and low-energy mood, and you may be adversely affected physically and psychologically.

Each person's health status, pace of life, immunity level and sleeping habits may differ from one another. But the things that make it easier to fall asleep are not just counting sheep, of course. There are some general tips you can use to improve your sleep comfort and quality. Bride, What to do to fall asleep comfortably? Let's look for an answer together and take a closer look at the tips that can improve your sleep quality.

What should be done for a comfortable sleep?

The general habits, practices and principles aimed at improving sleep quality are called sleep hygiene. You can try to make the following sleep hygiene tips a part of your daily life to fall asleep more easily and comfortably.

Review Your Sleep Environment

The ideal sleep environment is one of the key elements that helps to fall asleep. You regularly go through periods of NREM and REM while you sleep. The NREM period is also divided into four stages, and the third and fourth stages are called slow wave sleep. Slow wave and REM sleep stages are the processes by which restful sleep occurs. Because many actions such as the secretion of growth hormone in the body and the regeneration of cells and tissues mainly take place in these processes.

Sleeping in a very hot or cold environment can make it harder for you to fall asleep, as well as reduce REM and slow wave sleep. When you are exposed to light during sleep, the process of melatonin release in your body is negatively affected. To create the ideal sleep environment, you should make sure that your bedroom is dark, quiet and at a temperature of less than 24 degrees. Also, regularly ventilating your room will help you fall asleep more comfortably.

​Build Your Sleep Pattern

It is recommended that adults sleep for about 7-8 hours a night to lead a healthy and fit life. If you create a sufficient and quality sleep pattern for yourself, you can shorten the time you fall asleep day by day and have a more comfortable sleep. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day as possible helps you improve the synchronization of your body's circadian rhythm. When you get enough sleep at night, you can also prevent naps during the day, so you can determine your ideal sleep schedule.

Avoid Sedentary Life

The ways to fall asleep comfortably are hidden not only in your sleep hours and environment, but also in an important part of your daily life. For example, exercising regularly can help you sleep more comfortably and efficiently. Because during exercise, blood flow in your body accelerates, and then your body temperature drops. The fall in question triggers the process of falling asleep. In addition, as the energy level you spend during the day increases, your total and deep sleep time also increases, so your sleep quality may also improve.

If you want to turn exercise into an efficient tool for falling asleep techniques, you should make sure that you choose a program that is suitable for your health and sports history. You can do low to moderate endurance exercises at least 3 hours before going to bed. Exercising just before bedtime can negatively affect your sleep quality.

Regulate Your Pre-Sleep Nutritional Intake

It's also important to review your diet and daily habits in order to implement ways and tips for falling asleep. Alcohol and cigarettes can cause insufficient sleep, especially when consumed before sleep or excessively due to the stimulating substances they contain. This risk also applies to beverages containing caffeine. In order to get a comfortable and quality sleep, you can end your meal routine about 4 to 6 hours before going to bed, and take care not to consume coffee at night.

Summer heat can make it harder for many to fall asleep at night. If you think that your sleep quality has decreased or that you have difficulty falling asleep during this period, you can follow the tips for sleeping comfortably in summer. here You can reach.

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