Latest Situation in Combating Forest Fires

latest situation in the fight against forest fires
latest situation in the fight against forest fires

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum attended the coordination meeting in Marmaris Teacher's House.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that they have brought the Isparta Sütçüler fire under control, and that the fires in Antalya's Kaş district, Hatay's İskenderun and İzmir's Urla and Torbalı districts and Manisa Gördes, as well as the fires that threaten Dalaman Airport and that broke out in Datça, have been under control. Said it was under control.

Stating that they intervened in 163 rural fires in total, Pakdemirli said, “We continue to control the fires with 15 aircraft, 9 UAVs, 1 unmanned aerial helicopter, 64 helicopters, 850 water tankers and water tankers, 150 construction equipment and 5 thousand 250 personnel in the ongoing fires. As of today, we have to do the daily coordination of 89 aircraft. It's a difficult operation." he said.


Mentioning that the air and land interventions continue, Pakdemirli said, “In general, the situation regarding all fires in Muğla is getting better. We have been fighting fires in Muğla since 29 July. Nearly 10 thousand 400 sorties have been made so far, 180 thousand tons of water has been thrown. There is no fire threatening settlements at the moment.” used the phrase.

Pointing out the importance of aerial intervention in extinguishing works, Pakdemirli said, “10 gendarmerie helicopters joined us in throwing water by attaching bambi in a very short time. We are continuing the extinguishing efforts.” said.

Stating that 16 forest fires broke out in Muğla, Pakdemirli said, “6 planes, 39 helicopters, 630 sprinklers, 128 construction machines and 3 thousand 600 personnel worked.” used the phrase.

Explaining that the burned areas will be reforested, Pakdemirli said, "There is no question of using the burned areas for other purposes, these areas will be reforested." said.

“as of today, we have sent 9 million liras more money to Antalya”

Emphasizing that the teams were working candidly in all extinguishing works, Pakdemirli said, “2 workers fell off the cliff during the cooling works. They were taken to the hospital by helicopter. They are not life-threatening.” he said.

Stating that damage assessment work was carried out in places where the fire was under control, Pakdemirli stated that work started in places where damage assessment work was completed.

Minister Pakdemirli continued his speech as follows:

“So far, 6 farmers in 22 districts and 172 villages in 7 provinces in Adana, Aydın, Osmaniye, Antalya, Muğla and Mersin have been damaged. 320 thousand 51 decares of cultivated land, 770 decares of greenhouses, 670 thousand cattle, 4 thousand 4 sheep and goats, 204 thousand 5 beehives, 475 thousand 28 poultry, 762 thousand 6 tools and machinery, 570 thousand 2 tons of warehouse products, 549 agricultural structures were damaged. detected. TARSİM has a claim of 1840 million 102 claims for fires. As soon as the damage assessment works are completed, their payments will be made as soon as possible. We will make all payments about TARSİM insurance within a week. As of today, we have sent another 464 million liras to Antalya.”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that they are towards the end of forest fires and said, “We are one of the rare countries that increase the presence of forests. Let's not upset anyone's morale, we will become much stronger. We will not leave these places at the mercy of the fire.”

Stating that they are working in a multi-disciplinary manner, Pakdemirli stated that the teams are stationed at Dalaman Airport.

Emphasizing that the tree is important to them, but the life is just as important, and therefore safety should be at the first degree, Pakdemirli said that the plane crashed in Greece revealed that they should show more sensitivity to this issue.

Pakdemirli noted that 29 forest fires have occurred in Muğla since July 16 and that the state has mobilized all its means to cover the damages of the citizens affected by the fires.

Reminding that the forest fire, which started in Yatağan Hacıveliler District on August 6, spread to Çine with the strong wind blowing, Pakdemirli said that an additional 21 vehicle reinforcements came from Isparta and that the efforts to bring it under control are continuing.

Pointing out that the fire was close to extinction, but they could not say that it was “under control” due to low humidity and high temperature, Pakdemirli said, “We are in a better place in Muğla than yesterday. The Milas fire is a very interesting fire. It is a green vegetation and cannot be entered because it is very dense. Although we have thrown tens of thousands of tons of water, we have not yet been able to dry the foci of the fire. As of today, we entered the focus of the fire half an hour ago. There's more glare in a new location, but I think we can get the fire in Milas under control. But I emphasize that it is not under control yet. The risk associated with the thermal power plant continues to decrease hour by hour. Kavaklıdere, Köyceğiz, Karaköy fires continue. There is a positive trend in all of these.” used the phrases.

“Hopefully, we are coming towards the end of the fires”

Explaining that the global heat wave engulfed the whole world, Pakdemirli said:

“There are very serious fires all over the world. Having experienced 2 major fires in the last 5 years, Turkey has faced 12 major fires in the last 16 days. Controlling large fires in a short time is a difficult task. You can be the most powerful country in the world, you can be a superpower, but you can fight 3 or 5 countries. It is not possible to fight 15 countries. Neither aircraft, tanks, nor personnel are sufficient for this. We've had this in the last few days. We quickly reached a certain point. Hopefully, we are coming towards the end of the fires. I hope there won't be another big fire until the end of the season."

Emphasizing that very serious work has been done regarding forest fires in Turkey in 19 years, Pakdemirli said, “We have 35 news centers in Antalya, we have automatic surveillance systems. We have 56 towers in Antalya and 50 in Muğla. More than 500 helicopters in Antalya and nearly 400 in Muğla have pools and ponds to get water. There are 3 fire management centers in Turkey. There are 616 newsrooms, 714 towers, 36 automated surveillance systems and over 4 pools.” said.

Pointing out that they have completed the damage assessment works within the scope of animal production in Adana, Antalya and Mersin, Pakdemirli stated that they will make the full payments regarding these, and that the delivery will be made when the temporary sheltering areas of the animals in other provinces are completed.

Stating that they will accept all the projects of the citizens who were damaged by the fire within the scope of the Rural Development Support Projects, Pakdemirli said:

“We will discriminate against all projects coming from disaster-stricken provinces and accept all of them. We will also be meeting all animal demands of citizens in forest villages. Damage assessment studies in Muğla started in places where the fire did not continue, and ended in most of them. With the first rain in October and November in burned areas, we will plant 252 saplings for 84 million, ie 3 million citizens, with the Breathe for the Future Campaign. After the fires have cooled, the burning wood will be removed from the site. A detailed land survey and afforestation projects will be carried out. We will hold a workshop on how to green it. We will do that right away. We will decide this with our people. We will ensure that these places have a green cover as soon as possible.”


Pointing out the importance of forest volunteers, Pakdemirli said that volunteers related to forest fires were legislated in 2019.

Stating that 13 thousand 339 people have been given training and identity cards so far, Pakdemirli said:

“I would like to express that you can see these volunteers among the firefighting teams who have received sufficient training. Like AFAD volunteers, we will carry out more efficient work with the transfer of disaster areas if necessary. Forests are both the strength and the ornament of our country. We are one of the rare countries that increase the forest existence. Let's not upset anyone's morale, we will become much stronger. We will not leave these places at the mercy of fire. We use many techniques at the same time. Our teams are organized, our coordination is strong, our motivation is high, and we are on the alert with the struggle from the air, land and sea. These efforts are to be able to say three words: Controlled.”

Emphasizing that they have been working hard for 12 days and that there are heroes who struggle with hunger, thirst and insomnia, Pakdemirli said that today Selim Korkmaz and Hakan Tutuş fell off the cliff during the cooling works as a result of a connection made with the Yılanlı Tower.

Explaining that the health status of the workers who are being treated at the hospital is good, Pakdemirli conveyed his wishes to the forest heroes.


Emphasizing that there are personnel who wrap his injured foot and continue the struggle, Pakdemirli said:

“We have brothers who do not leave their water tank. We have forest hero fathers who learned about the birth of their son while they were in the fire. We have forest heroes who make their shovels a pillow and the land of their homeland a mattress during five-minute breaks. They are our fire fighters. Conditions are difficult, I remind you that it is time for unity. We must not fuel the fire with our words and actions. The difficult thing is to produce a solution, the easy one is to talk. We are on the field by all means. This fight will surely end. Hopefully we are towards the end. Those whose name will be remembered with gratitude will not be those who pour gasoline on this fire, but those who carry a drop of water. Many citizens are doing their best, carrying water, food, serving tea. He brings clothes, shoes. She prays if she can't do anything. These disasters are beyond politics. God bless everyone. I would like to express my gratitude to our President for his unwavering support from the beginning of this disaster. I would like to thank all our ministers, deputies and all those who supported us on the field.”

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