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The burgundy berets who completed the weekly hard training took the oath
The burgundy berets who completed the weekly hard training took the oath

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli stated that 47 of 223 forest fires in 217 provinces were under control and said, “Marmaris is under control as of this morning. Seydikemer fire is under control. Yılanlı, Nazilli, Karacasu, Bozdoğan, Karabük, Burdur, Adana Sayimbeyli, Denizli Güney are under control. Major forest fires, which were 12 yesterday, have decreased to 6 as of today.” said.

Minister Pakdemirli, in his statement at Muğla's Ula Fire Management Center, stated that they are fighting forest fires throughout Turkey. Explaining that the teams are working hard, Pakdemirli said, “Our forestry organization has struggled with 47 forest fires in 223 provinces so far. 223 of 217 forest fires are under control.” he said.

Expressing that the intervention of the teams to the fires in the Muğla region continues, Pakdemirli said:

“The fires in Köyceğiz, Kavaklıdere, Milas, Yatağan, Çine and Sutculer in Isparta continue in Muğla. Apart from these fires, 157 rural fires were intervened. In the ongoing fires, 16 aircraft, 9 UAVs, 57 helicopters, one unmanned helicopter, 850 water tankers and water tankers, 150 construction equipment, 5 thousand 250 forest personnel, and perhaps as many public personnel working in other fields, responded to the fires.

Pointing out that two planes from the European Union (EU) had left, Pakdemirli said that these planes were withdrawn due to more serious fires in Greece and the EU.

Emphasizing that they are fighting 21 fires in Antalya, Pakdemirli said, “Tanker planes, UAVs, 19 helicopters, nearly 300 water tanks, 1172 personnel served.” said.


Pointing out that unofficial institutions have made a statement regarding the control of the fires in some regions, Pakdemirli said, “Take into account only the statements of our Ministry when explaining that the fire is under control. Milas fire continues, it is not under control at the moment. The fire is currently sleeping. It does not pose a significant danger, but a statement was made that it was brought under control in the morning.” used the phrase.

Expressing that they have been fighting forest fires in Muğla since July 29, Pakdemirli said, “There were 15 forest fires in Muğla. We made serious efforts to protect the thermal power plant and tourism areas. Our struggle continues.” said.

Suggesting that not everyone should enter the fire scene, Pakdemirli said, "For life safety, it is extremely positive that those who are not assigned to the fire scene are not allowed." he said.


Emphasizing that they are open to all constructive criticisms, Pakdemirli stated that the unity of everyone and the motivation of the personnel in the field are important. Mentioning that they are doing a technical job, Pakdemirli said, “The day is not a time for discussion, it is a time for unity and togetherness. Let's not wear out our staff in pandemics, floods and fires." made its assessment.

Noting that the air and land response to the fire in the Sütçüler district of Isparta continues, Pakdemirli said, “There is fire in two steep valleys in Sütçüler. Depending on the weather conditions, we may be able to take it under control today. Our teams are working.” said.


Mentioning that fire broke out at four different points in Antalya on July 28 at 12.05:13, Pakdemirli said, “Our first response was 10 minutes later. With the effect of the wind, it went quickly to the settlements. It was effective in 59 neighborhoods in 40 days. A temperature above 80 degrees, the speed of the wind increasing to 30 kilometers, the humidity that we expect to be 8 percent under normal conditions, decreased to XNUMX percent, really put Antalya in a difficult situation.” he said.

Stating that as of yesterday, Gündoğmuş and Manavgat fires were under control, Pakdemirli stated that two forestry workers were martyred during the works and 85 people who struggled with the fire remained in fire at different points.


Explaining that the teams were able to save 85 people as a result of intensive intervention from the air and land, Pakdemirli said:

“Cooling work continues here. We mobilize all possibilities to heal wounds. According to our findings, 15 thousand decares of agricultural land and 263 cattle were destroyed. 2 thousand 783 small cattle and 27 thousand 407 poultry perished. We will pay for all of this. Studies on this subject are also ongoing. Muğla fires started on July 29 in Marmaris. Since July 29, 428 water sprinklers, 93 heavy equipment, 23 helicopters, 12 planes and approximately 2 personnel have served in Muğla, without sacrificing their lives. Now I'm describing the recent fires that have been brought under control. Marmaris is under control as of this morning. Seydikemer fire is under control. Yılanlı, Nazilli, Karacasu, Bozdoğan, Karabük, Burdur, Adana Sayimbeyli, Denizli Güney are under control. Major forest fires, which were 900 yesterday, have decreased to 12 as of today.”

Noting that there was a very serious air fortification for the Milas fire, Pakdemirli stated that the land was very steep and that he went to that fire area in the morning.


Pointing out that the 4 foci of the fire were completely surrounded, Pakdemirli said, “There is one focus. We can't reach that focus by land yet. Although the air fortification is going very well, we cannot reach there even with dozers due to the steep and maquis vegetation of the land from the land. We are following this too. There is a thermal power plant in Yeniköy, it does not threaten it. We continue to work to bring the fire under full control so that there is no future potential.” used the phrase.

Mentioning that they expect some fire to be activated due to the falling humidity, wind and increasing temperature, Pakdemirli explained that this focus has continued for two days.

Pointing out that there is no significant threat or danger regarding the Kavaklıdere fire, Pakdemirli said, “There may be a risk in Şenyayla Mahallesi. There was a threat in Yatağan Akçaoba Neighborhood, we sent 5 helicopters, the threat was eliminated. Extinguishing work continues. The fire continues in Köyceğiz, there is a threat in the Otmanlar District.” said.

Stating that the General Directorate of Forestry (OGM) works with mobile centers in the main coordination and fire zones in the center 24 hours a day, Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“We use the latest technologies in fire detection and control. We can follow instant UAV images, forest watchtowers, thermal camera images, instant movements of all OGM's vehicles. For security reasons, when there was a fire in Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant, when we evacuated the area, when we could no longer see and control the area, we were able to make these controls, fortifications, evaluate the risk and take the necessary decisions. We direct the fire quickly from the air and land according to the weather conditions. Our total air fleet consists of 15 aircraft and 57 helicopters. Our forest organization has 3 amphibious aircraft, 39 helicopters, 7 gendarmerie helicopters and a total of 20 aircraft from different countries. We build pools and ponds to increase the advantage of helicopters in rugged areas away from the sea. Amphibious aircraft are pleasing to the eye, but in many fires they do not come very close to the sea. In many dams and ponds, it may not be long enough for amphibious planes to land, in the geography. In this sense, the helicopter can be easier to use.”

Explaining that they facilitated the access of helicopters to the water source, Pakdemirli said that helicopters increased the number of sorties in an hour thanks to the pools and ponds they made.

Emphasizing that meteorological warnings are extremely important in forest fires, Pakdemirli said that climatic conditions have a direct impact on the occurrence, severity and duration of the fire, and by calculating everything, 57 percent of Turkey's forests are sensitive to fire.

Pakdemirli noted that they used meteorological data in the fight against forest fires in 2018, and that they determined the humidity, temperature and wind direction of the air in advance with the meteorology early warning system and fought the fire accordingly.

“With the fire information detected by the UAVs through the geographic information system and the 30-meter-resolution meteorological information on the vehicle tracking system, we can easily predict where the fire will take place in the coming hours, and accordingly, we take all the strategic decisions regarding the fire.” Pakdemirli said that they gave the data prepared about this to the firefighting teams instantly.


Mentioning that the extraordinary struggle was carried out by the organization, public institutions and citizens under extraordinary conditions, Pakdemirli noted that the heroes struggled with all their heart, they were sleepless, they ate their meals on their feet and they had not seen their families for days.

Pointing out that there are many false and false news in the social media and in the written and visual media, Pakdemirli said, “What comes out of our mouths should be respected. Every day, we strive to come before you and provide information with all transparency and openness. We may be delaying this due to technical work, but we share instant information on social media every day. Even on the field, words, insults and actions were made that would not be possible for our heroes. I am sorry on behalf of my organization for this. We do not allow our heroes to be demoralized.” he said.

Forest worker Özgür Şimşek, who did not let go of his sprinkler even though the flames surrounded him, said, “80 million people have the right to this pump too.” Reminding his words, Pakdemirli said, “We will put out this fire with these brothers, all of whom have good intentions. These brothers and sisters are not paid. Many of our citizens want to help in good faith, but responding to forest fires is a technical task. It is not very correct for even the firefighters in the city to intervene in forest fires. Completely different techniques are used.” used the phrase.


Pointing out that he saw the volunteers working hard, but that they should not enter the fire area, Pakdemirli said:

“Let's listen to the officers in charge. Our priority is life safety. We should not be in a position to disrupt the work. The world is going through difficult times. The world is going through epidemics, floods and global fires. We are living through catastrophes big enough to pass into human history. The history of these lands is full of challenges, epics of struggle and solidarity. We will get through difficult days with this spirit in our genes. Together we will bandage the wounds. Turkey and the world are facing the biggest fire disaster. I would like to thank all the officers who fought the flames with courage and self-sacrifice. Citizens should trust the power of the state. Wounds are healed instantly, we compensate for the damage. 'Let him take care of himself.' we are not saying. Veterinarians examine animals. Animals, milking machines, tractors are supplied immediately. The state continues to stand by the citizens with its ministers, deputies, municipalities and public institutions, especially our President. No matter what anyone says, we will continue to do so. We mind our business.”

“Our Azerbaijani brothers continue to stand by us.” Pakdemirli said that 41 vehicles and 362 more people came from Azerbaijan.

Pakdemirli stated that a team of 65 people came from Qatar and started to work.


Stating that they were here until the last spark went out, Pakdemirli said:

“Today is not a day of discussion. As our daughter Ceren said, do not be sad, we will be together, we will grow green again. I want respect for the people who fought for this land. We are the sons of ancestors who did not torture even the enemy they captured. Our forest department is really tired and needs morale and motivation. If you're going to do politics, look for other fields. There are necessarily other materials in other areas. If you are going to do politics, produce a project. We welcome constructive criticism after these things are done. Our organization is struggling with all kinds of disasters. Our forest organization has nothing to do with worldly interests. My civil servant brothers working in the forest also receive the same salary, civil servants working in any public institution also receive the same salary. The risks taken are many times greater. Apartment-sized fires and flames are being fought. Only for this country, nation and flag. We need to keep the morale of our brothers high. Our homeland is green, blue and heavenly homeland. We will restore these places to their former beauty.”

Pakdemirli thanked Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Spain, Croatia, Iran and Russia and all institutions and organizations, municipalities, aid institutions and all volunteers who supported them.

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