Joint Cleaning Operation in the Avenues and Streets of Ödemiş

joint cleaning operation on the streets and avenues of odemis
joint cleaning operation on the streets and avenues of odemis

The work, which was organized with the participation of the female cleaning workers of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started in the streets and streets in different parts of the city in the early hours. With the collective sweeping work carried out under the coordination of the Ödemiş Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate, the streets are clean.

Debris cleaning is also done

edema cleaning

In addition to road cleaning, grass rubble cleaning and weed cleaning are also carried out with the vehicles of both municipalities. While a total of 14 personnel will participate in the joint cleaning operation, which will continue on Saturday, August 62, 4 trucks, 2 buckets, 2 tractors, 2 tankers, 2 brush vehicles, 4 grass trimmers and their team are involved. The studies are carried out in 15 different regions.

Ödemiş Mayor Mehmet Eriş said, “We are in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in cleaning works. As a reflection of this beautiful unity and harmony, we jointly organized a collective cleaning operation. The teams of our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Cleaning Works of our Municipality cleaned our streets and avenues shoulder to shoulder. With the efforts of our female cleaning workers, our streets and avenues became immaculate. The activities that we planned as two days will also be carried out on Saturday. Collaborative work will continue from now on.

“It is our duty to keep it clean”

edema cleaning

Of course, it is our duty to clean it, but it is our duty to keep it clean. The best support for the self-sacrificing work of our teams in these hot days is to keep our common living areas clean. Let's not forget that the best cleaning is not to pollute at all.

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