The Nostalgic Bergama Ferry Expedition This Time For Izmir People Over 65 Years Old

the nostalgic bergama ferry set out for the old people of izmir this time
the nostalgic bergama ferry set out for the old people of izmir this time

📩 25/08/2021 12:55

The 70-year veteran of the Izmir Bay, Bergama Ferry, sailed this time for the people of Izmir over the age of 65. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started fun bay tours for those in this age group, who have been away from social life for a long time due to pandemic restrictions. It is enough to make a reservation and pay the symbolic fee of only 1 TL to participate in the excursions.

the nostalgic bergama ferry set out for the old people of izmir this time

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started its nostalgia voyages with the historical Bergama Ferry with the people of 65 and over, who were most affected by the pandemic restriction. Those who participated in the tours with the Nostalgia Ferry accompanied by music concerts had a pleasant tour of the Gulf for three hours. During the tour, passengers were offered free tea and water by Grand Plaza, a subsidiary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
The special voyage of the Bergama Ferry, which departs from Üçkuyular Pier at 10.00:65, again ended in Üçkuyular. Enjoying the unique view of the bay, Izmir residents aged XNUMX and over were traveling to the accompaniment of music and dance, immortalizing these beautiful moments and taking a souvenir photo.

Next time on 31st August

Citizens aged 65 and over who want to experience a pleasant journey with the view of the Gulf can join the tours by making a reservation. İZDENİZ A.Ş. He also stated that in line with the demands of the passengers, the flight days could be increased throughout September. Tickets for the journey, which is limited to a capacity of 175 people, are offered for sale at a symbolic price of 1 TL per person.
Those who want to make a reservation can get information from İletiş or 0552 035 88 22-0232 320 00 35.

the nostalgic bergama ferry set out for the old people of izmir this time

The veteran of the bay became a source of morale

Meryem Can, one of the people of Izmir, who had to stay in their homes for months during the pandemic, said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerThank you very much for providing such a service to us. We hadn't been out for two years. This was my first ferry voyage. The Gulf tour has been very good for us,” he said.

Expressing that she was very happy, Nuray Ak said: “We could not go out due to illness. This trip was a great morale booster for us. If the Gulf tours continue, we will come here once a week. I even came here with my walking stick. We would be discharged.”

Nilgün Ünlü, one of the passengers, said: “My dear municipality has organized such a tour, it has been very good for us. I used to love Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, now I'm even more amazed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality works very well. I came when I heard that there was such an expedition. The Bay cruise has been very good for us.”

Former TRT Turkish Classical Music soloist Güzide Sümer also added color to the day with the songs she sang.

the nostalgic bergama ferry set out for the old people of izmir this time

Bergama Ferry is the symbol of the Gulf

Pergamon Ferry; It was built in 1951 in Bremen, Germany, as a motor cruise ship. Length: 44,4 meters, width 8,08 meters, water section: 1,9 meters. It has 385 diesel engines, each with 2 horsepower. It has twin propellers and speeds up to 11 mph. While the Bergama Ferry was waiting to be scrapped, it was restored by the order of the late Ahmet Piriştina. Bergama Ferry was decommissioned after serving for a long time in İzmir Bay under the Marine Operations.

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