Noise Barrier Reduces Environmental Noise

Does the noise shorten your lifespan?
Does the noise shorten your lifespan?

People living in big cities in the world and in Turkey are exposed to environmental noise for longer and higher amounts with each passing day. According to the European Environment Agency, 100 million people are exposed to health-damaging noise, while environmental noise causes 12 premature deaths each year.

Noise Barrier, produced by Türk Ytong, the leading company in the gas concrete industry, offers both an economical and durable solution for reducing environmental noise from highway, railway, aircraft and industrial sources.

The negative impact of noise is increasing

According to United Nations figures, half of the world's population of 8 billion lives in big cities. This rate is predicted to increase to two-thirds by 2050. Istanbul, on the other hand, is the 16th most populous city in the world with a population of over 5 million. All these data show that the population in metropolitan cities and accordingly the noise pollution are increasing rapidly.

100 million people in Europe are victims of noise

According to the report titled “Environmental Noise in Europe 2020” prepared by the European Environment Agency, environmental noise, and especially road traffic noise, continues to be an important environmental problem affecting the health and well-being of millions of people. 20 percent of Europe's population - around 100 million people - is exposed to noise at a health-damaging rate. While these people have sleep disorders, heart diseases and immune system problems, it is estimated that 12 thousand people die prematurely. While 113 million people in Europe were exposed to 55 decibels of traffic noise, it was determined that 12 children had reading difficulties due to airplane noise. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the first cause of health problems in cities, while environmental noise comes second.

Noise threatens quality of life

Pointing out that the noise in urban life is a significant threat to human and public health, Türk Ytong Deputy General Manager Tolga Öztoprak said, “With the concentration of settlements in areas close to transportation networks, environmental noise has become a problem not only for big cities but also for residential areas of all sizes. We designed the Ytong Noise Barrier in order to contribute to the harmonization of European Union legislation initiated in our country for the control and reduction of noise pollution in cities. Ytong Noise Barrier, which we created with our panel products, is used as a noise/sound curtain to control the environmental noise originating from roads, railways, airports and industry and to reduce its negative effects on living spaces. It can be used in all climatic regions of our country, as it is a highly resistant and maintenance-free solution to weather conditions.' said.

Ytong Noise Barrier full solution

Ytong Noise Barrier, which is not affected by weather conditions and is resistant to many environmental effects, including wind loads, does not rot, rust, and does not suffer from section loss. It does not require maintenance and renewal.

Ytong Noise Barrier provides cost advantage and time savings with its practical application details and high assembly speed. It is also preferred as a noise-preventing fence/wall system around noise sensitive structures such as housing estates, education and health facilities, elderly care homes, accommodation facilities, dormitory buildings, cultural and religious facilities.

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