Mitsubishi Electric Changes Production Approach with CNC Control Technology

mitsubishi changes the understanding of production with electric cnc control technology
mitsubishi changes the understanding of production with electric cnc control technology

📩 16/08/2021 15:30

Offering point-to-point solutions to leading machine manufacturers from different business lines, especially in the automotive and metalworking sectors, with its new generation CNC products, Mitsubishi Electric sets the world's standards with its technology in this field. Working to increase the added value it provides to manufacturers with CNC machining centers and CNC turning machines, Mitsubishi Electric aims to make its production processes error-free and sustainable with high efficiency and precision. Underlining that they serve a wide market with the CNC technologies they have developed, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Mechatronics CNC Department Manager Hakan Aydın stated that they have brought a new dimension to the production approach with the high-tech M80 and M800 series.

Mitsubishi Electric, which changed the understanding of production with product groups designed to maximize the efficiency and performance of machines; As a global supplier of machine tools, control systems, drives and motors, it draws attention with its CNC technology in different fields. Offering an easy and intuitive user experience with M80 and M800 series CNC control units equipped with advanced technologies that reference the future, Mitsubishi Electric combines flexibility with functionality in factories with these products, which are compatible with many open network protocols.

Sustainable quality and maximum efficiency with error-free mass production

Saying that they have increased efficiency and speed in production with CNC control panels, the world's most advanced mass production technology, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Mechatronics CNC Department Manager Hakan Aydın said; “With CNC technology based on innovative control technology, high quality, usability and superior network communication, we bring the highest product quality worldwide to the industrial ecosystem. As a company that integrates a century of experience with innovative and innovative approaches, we are positioned at a different point in the sector with our CNC control technology, which accelerates the fabrication process. The M80 and M800 series of touchscreen CNC control units, whose efficiency and speed have been increased since its launch, draw attention with its smooth surface control. In addition, with the Simple View feature, it becomes much easier for inexperienced users to increase the adaptation speed by switching from the normal view screen to the plain view screen. Thanks to the user authorization level determination feature, operators are given access permissions separately according to their roles in production, thus minimizing the errors caused by unauthorized intervention. In addition to all these, in the series, which allows viewing 3D models in the desired size and position, pre-operative part drawings can be viewed and cross-sectional images of the parts can be taken.”

Simultaneous use even in five-axis machine operations

Pointing out that the new generation M80 and M800 series support systems with up to 32 axes, 8 spindles and 8 parts thanks to multi-spindle synchronization control, Hakan Aydın said; “Incorporating Mitsubishi Electric's seamless surface control function, this series can be optimized by controlling the acceleration and deceleration of each axis, even during precision work. The series, which enables higher precision to be achieved in the same time or to reduce cycle times without sacrificing precision, can easily be used even in simultaneous five-axis machine operations. M800 CNC control units, a high-level control device designed for multi-axis and multi-part system control, also make a difference with high-speed and high-precision machine operations. M80, which includes a special CPU for CNC applications, offers an ideal solution in terms of high efficiency and ease of use in simpler machine systems where fewer axes and spindles are used.

It can be used without any experience with its advanced display features.

Expressing that high resolution screens consist of different options up to 8.4 inches, 10.4 inches, 15 inches and 19 inches, Hakan Aydın said; “Our high-tech CNC control units appeal to the new generation operators growing up with technologies such as smartphones and tablets, thanks to their screen and keyboard designs. The multi-touch capacitive touch screen, which is offered as a standard feature on 4 inch and larger screens, allows operators of different qualifications to use it easily, whether they are experts or newbies. With the screen feature that leaves traditional key operations behind, the desired section of the program can be easily viewed and watched, while the menu on other screens can be accessed. 800 inch vertical touch screen on M19W series CNC control units; It hosts multiple windows where the on-screen keyboard and document viewer can be customized by machine builders. In this way, while the CNC screen is displayed at the top, the virtual keyboard, operator panel, document viewer or memo pad can be opened at the bottom.” He shared important information about the technologies required for error-free, practical and efficient production processes.

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