August Special Automobile and Light Commercial Vehicle Campaign from Mercedes-Benz

mercedes benz special car and light commercial vehicle campaign for august
mercedes benz special car and light commercial vehicle campaign for august

As part of the campaigns offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in August, advantageous payment terms and favorable interest rates are offered for automobiles and light commercial vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Car campaigns

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers advantageous financing options for new automobile purchases for August. Special for this month, 355.000-month, 12% interest loan opportunities are offered for 0 TL loan in Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan cars. The new Mercedes-Benz GLB, on the other hand, will be offered for sale in August with 355.000 TL, 12 months, 1,50% interest. For customers who want to own a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers a 500.000-month interest rate of 12% for 1,50 TL, special for August. For the Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan, 280.000 TL, 12 months, 1,50% interest rate loan is offered for this month. In Mercedes-Benz CLA, on the other hand, a 305.000-month term loan with 12% interest is offered for 1,50 TL.

Mercedes-Benz Certified: Certified Used Cars, on the other hand, offer an interest rate of 36% up to 1,71 months, special for August.

For detailed information, you can visit the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer or

Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicle campaigns

With the privilege of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, you can now own a Vito with the advantage of flexible payment plans and low monthly payments throughout August. Customers who want to own the Vito, the most ambitious vehicle in its segment with its low initial purchase cost, high quality standards, fuel economy, increased safety equipment, and a wide range of products suitable for different areas of use, can apply for a 150.000 TL loan if they choose Mercedes-Benz Insurance. They can take advantage of 12-month maturity and 0% interest.

Customers who want to own a Sprinter with standard safety features such as headlight and rain sensor, wind swing assistant and lane tracking assistant can benefit from the advantage of 150.000 months maturity and 12% interest for a loan of 0 TL, if they choose Mercedes-Benz Insurance.

In addition to advantageous prices in Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle purchases, opportunities continue for second-hand purchases, with a 90.000 month maturity and 24% interest rate, for a 1,29 TL loan exclusive to Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance.

For details, visit page or consult the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Special offers for August on truck models from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers a special offer for August with insurance and service packages on 2021 model tractor/construction and cargo trucks.

With Mercedes-Benz Financial Services' insured financing campaign with a service package that will be valid in August for Mercedes-Benz 2021 model year Towing/Construction and Cargo trucks produced by Aksaray and Wörth, corporate customers will be able to; They can own a Mercedes-Benz truck with a loan amount of 750.000 TL, a maturity of 24 months and an interest rate of 0,99%.

For details, visit or consult the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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