Mine Protected Armored Vehicle COBRA II MRAP at IDEF 2021 Fair

Mine Protected Armored Vehicle COBRA II MRAP at IDEF 2021 Fair

Mine Protected Armored Vehicle COBRA II MRAP at IDEF 2021 Fair

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, Turkey's global land systems manufacturer; It took its place at the IDEF 17 International Defense Industry Fair, which was held for the 20th time on 2021-15 August 2021, with its national military vehicles and tower systems. Otokar exhibits 4 military vehicles and tower systems of its own design at the fair, which will be open to visitors for 11 days, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense under the auspices of the Presidency, and under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.

  • Built for the toughest missions COBRA II'S new version of COBRA II MRAPis exhibited for the first time in Turkey.
  • Attracting attention with its high ballistics and superior maneuverability, TULPAR-S as well as tracked armored vehicle COBRA II Armored Emergency Ambulance and URAL Staff Carrier meets visitors.


The COBRA II stands out with its high level of protection and transport, and its large interior volume. In addition to its superior mobility, COBRA II, which has the capacity to carry 10 personnel including the commander and driver, offers high level of security thanks to its superior protection against ballistic, mine and IED threats. Providing high performance in the most challenging terrain and climatic conditions, COBRA II is optionally produced in amphibious type and perfectly adapts to different tasks required. COBRA II, which is especially preferred thanks to its wide weapon integration and mission hardware equipment options, successfully carries out many missions in Turkey and export markets, including border protection, internal security and peacekeeping operations. COBRA II can also serve as a personnel carrier, weapon platform, land surveillance radar, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, command control vehicle and ambulance thanks to its modular structure. Otokar exhibits the COBRA II MRAP and COBRA II Armored Emergency Ambulance types, as well as the Personnel Carrier version of the COBRA II at IDEF.


The COBRA II Mine Protected Vehicle (COBRA II MRAP) vehicle, which draws attention in export markets, was developed to provide high survivability in risky areas. It offers users high ballistics and mine protection, high transportation expectations, with unique mobility, unlike vehicles of this class. Due to the low center of gravity of the COBRA II MRAP compared to similar mine-proof vehicles in the world, it offers superior mobility and unmatched handling not only on stabilized roads, but also on the terrain. Less noticeable with its low silhouette, the vehicle offers logistical advantages to its users on the battlefield with its modular structure. The vehicle, which has the capacity to carry up to 11 personnel with different layout options, can be configured as 3 or 5 doors in accordance with user requirements.


First introduced at IDEF two years ago, the COBRA II Armored Emergency Response Ambulance offers a high level of terrain capability under mine and ballistic protection, and can perform all the interventions that can be made with a standard emergency ambulance. With the lightness of the COBRA II Ambulance, it showed high performance even on different surfaces such as mud and mud, and it was ensured that it could enter into the interior of the battlefield and perform the wounded rescue and emergency response tasks in the dangerous area. In order to serve as an ambulance, the height and width of the standard COBRA II are suitable for ambulance duty.

increased and a large interior volume was provided. The back door was designed as a ramp door specifically for ambulance use. COBRA II Ambulance has two different configurations that can take '2 sitting and 1 lying' or '2 lying' patients, except for the driver, commander and medical personnel.


A unique product of Otokar's innovative perspective, the URAL platform was designed to meet the needs of different users for 4×4 armored or unarmored tactical vehicles in different configurations, with a versatile and modular solution. Thanks to its modular structure and dimensions, the URAL platform, which can be easily adapted to the equipment, weapon systems and configuration required by different missions, is still used in many missions at home and abroad. Otokar exhibits the URAL Personnel Carrier at IDEF with the BAŞOK Tower, which is also designed by Otokar.

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