Marina İzmir is at the Service of Children

marina izmir is at the service of children
marina izmir is at the service of children

In line with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to create equal opportunities in sports, 45 children in Kadifekale started swimming lessons at Marina Izmir. On the other hand, the number of children from İzmir who received swimming training since the beginning of July has exceeded five thousand.

Children from Izmir gained equal opportunities in sports, and in two months, 5 children began to receive swimming training in pools all over the city. In line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to spread sports to the whole city and to every segment, 45 children from Kadifekale are learning to swim at Marina Izmir. In line with this vision, children both participate in sports activities that will enable their physical development and have fun. Children who participate in the four-week training will be given certificates. On the other hand, the number of children receiving education in the portable pools established in Pool İzmir, Buca Social Life Campus, Celal Atik Sports Complex and İzmir Marina, and Gaziemir-Emrez, Bornova-Meriç and Konak-Altınordu neighborhoods has exceeded five thousand.

We want to teach all children to swim

Hakan Orhunbilge, Head of Youth and Sports Services Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized that Izmir has 629 kilometers of coastline and more than 100 kilometers of beaches, and said, "Our President, Tunç Soyer, wanted to spread sports throughout the city, make Izmir the center of Europe in water and beach sports. We set out to teach swimming to all children in İzmir, with the vision of In addition to the Buca Social Life Campus, Celal Atik Sports Complex Swimming Pool, İzmir Marina and Pool İzmir, trainings continue in three portable pools. Our President, Tunç Soyer, announced at the opening of İzmir Marina that swimming lessons would be given to children from every region of İzmir in the pool within the facility. In this context, our children coming from Kadifekale will receive their education for four weeks and as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will have taken the first steps of a very important social project.”

Club President Ersan Odaman stated that Marina İzmir is a training place for children from Karabağlar and Gaziemir as well as Kadifekale and said, “The number of children receiving education at our facilities in İzmir has exceeded five thousand since the beginning of July. There are children's voices everywhere now and this makes us very happy. We will continue our work until we teach each of our children to swim.”

Saying, “Even a child's smile is really important and meaningful for us,” said Davut Tekin, Head of Kadifekale Neighborhood, “We want all our children to share in our joy. I would like to thank our İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and sports club managers for providing this opportunity.”

Swimming in the pool was my dream.

Stating that they had a very nice day in the pool, student Deniz Çetik said, “It was my dream to enter the pool. I've been to watch before. Here we learned to balance. We clapped our feet. On the one hand, we learned swimming, on the other hand, we socialized.” Gamze Akın, one of the parents living in Kadifekale Neighborhood, expressed her feelings, “We are happy that our neighborhood headman is instrumental in such an important event. It is very nice for our children to benefit from the opportunities here all summer long.” Suzan Sezer, another parent, said, “We were informed by the news from our headman and we brought our children right away. It is very important for children to know how to swim. We are happy to witness this day.”



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