Albayrak Group Interested in Libya's Tripoli Airport

Which Turkish company is dealing with Libya's Tripoli airport?
Which Turkish company is dealing with Libya's Tripoli airport?

The airport to be built in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya, was one of the most important projects in the history of Turkish contracting. In 2007, the consortium established by the Turkish construction company TAV, as well as Brazilian Odebrecht and Lebanese CCC, cost 3 billion dollars. kazanhad been. The first step was taken 14 years ago for Tripoli International Airport, one of the most important projects of the Gaddafi period, and action was taken for the design that looks like a space base.

According to the news of Kerim Ülker from the World The terminal project, which is aimed to have a total area of ​​350 thousand square meters, would be the most modern airport in the African continent. In addition to the terminal building with a capacity of 20 million passengers, a part of the workforce of the project, which has a car park with a capacity of 4 vehicles, was met from Turkey. While the project was continuing, internal turmoil started in Libya in 400 with the effect of the Arab Spring. Libya step from Albayrak: Which project did he discuss?

TAV İnşaat withdrew and evacuated its employees at the airport from the country due to security concerns. The airport passed under the administration of General Haftar, first the radical Islamist group and then the commander of the forces that called the Libyan National Army.

The control of the airport, which changed hands again in June last year, was taken by the Libyan army under the Libyan Government of National Accord, currently recognized by the UN and supported by Turkey. The central government has started the repair work for Tripoli International Airport, Libya's gateway to the world, which has been controlled since last year.


For the continuation of the airport from where it left off, the Libyan Administration contacted 2 Turkish companies instead of TAV İnşaat. The first of these Rönesans It was holding. At the ceremony held in Ankara in April this year Rönesans The meeting on the construction of the Tripoli Airport terminal with the memorandum of understanding signed between the Turkish and Libyan representatives is official. kazanwas. However, an interesting development took place last week and Albayrak Holding stepped in for the project. Libyan Ministry of Transport met with Albayrak Group on August 1 to complete the construction of Tripoli International Airport Passenger Terminal.

The meeting was attended by Albayrak Group executives, as well as Libyan Minister of Transport Mohammed Al-Shoubi, Undersecretary of Maritime Transport Affairs Wissam Al-Idrisi, Undersecretary of Airports and Air Transport Affairs, Head of Airports Authority Khaled Souissi, Head of Transport Projects Executive Authority Muhammed Bait Al-Mal.

This is not the first project Albayrak Holding has discussed in Libya. As you may remember, in the news we wrote in July, Albayrak Holding's senior management had a meeting to invest in the Misrata Free Zone. In this meeting, Albayrak Holding also took the necessary approval from the Libyan Airports Authority (LLA) to take part in the reconstruction and growth project of Misrata Airport.


Rönesans and the Albayrak Group's interest in the Tripoli International Airport project has a judicial aspect. As I mentioned above, the project, which started in 2007 and is planned to be completed in 4 years, was hit hard by the Arab Spring in 2011. The airport, which was in the middle of the conflict, suddenly lost its modern appearance and turned into ruins, so to speak. In this process, progress payments were not paid to TAV and consortium members. The case went to international arbitration since Libya, which is the debt of many Turkish companies, did not make payments to TAV İnşaat. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), of which Turkey is also a member, filed the case in the Paris arbitration court in 2019. kazanwas. The $80 million receivable has not been paid since then.

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