Laser Guided Mini Missile Concept YATAĞAN Named 'METE'

laser guided mini fuze concept was the name of the bed mete
laser guided mini fuze concept was the name of the bed mete

The laser-guided mini-missile YATAĞAN project, which stands out as an important concept of Roketsan at IDEF 2019, has changed the name of the ammunition along with various technical changes. The name of the ammunition was "METE".

The Laser Guided Mini Missile System METE, developed by Roketsan and can be launched using new generation 40 millimeter grenade launchers, makes a difference by having an effect beyond the maximum range of the existing conventional grenade launcher ammunition.

METE, which can be fired by a single personnel with a grenade launcher, is designed to be integrated into the turrets of mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Land Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Sea Vehicles and (IDA) land vehicles with its light weight and small size.

Roketsan uses this system for security forces in a residential warfare environment today; The sniper took action to increase the effectiveness of the combat force against threats such as mass targets and reinforcement elements in contact with the enemy.

METE can be used on many platforms with a weight of approximately 1 kilogram. The development of this system, which has a semi-active laser seeker head and a hit accuracy of approximately 1 meter CEP, and can reach a range of 1000+ meters, continues.

Directed to the target marked with a laser pointer, with a miniature seeker head and miniature control propulsion system, METE provides effective strike power against light structures, unarmored land vehicles, unprotected targets such as possible sniper positions, and opportunity targets.

Technical Specifications of the Laser Guided Mini Missile System METE

  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length: ~ 50cm
  • Weight: ~ 1,2 kg
  • Guidance System: Semi-Active Laser
  • Max Range: ~ 1000+ m
  • Hit Accuracy: 1 m (CEP)
  • Launch/Release Platforms
    *Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    *Land Platforms [manned/unmanned]
    *Naval Platforms [manned/unmanned]
    *Weapon Towers [manned/unmanned]
    *Throws a Bomb

When the technical specifications are examined, it is seen that METE is 2019 grams heavier and approximately 200 centimeters longer than the YATAĞAN concept shared in 10.

Source: defenceturk

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