Symptoms of Ingrown Hair Should Not Be Underestimated

symptoms should not be underestimated in clay freezing
symptoms should not be underestimated in clay freezing

Stating that pilonidal sinus disease, which is called ingrown hair among the people, is a disease that progresses insidiously with minor symptoms, Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Fehim Diker said, “The symptoms seen in the initial phase of ingrown hair are usually not taken very seriously. However, this can cause severe pain in the later stages.

The cause of ingrown hair; Expressing it as the embedding of hairs falling from various parts of the body such as the nape and back, and the inability of the hairs accumulated here to come out from under the skin, Op. Dr. Fehim Diker said, “The hairs that accumulate under the skin become a cystic structure over time. Then, depending on the inflammation of this structure, the disease picture progresses.


Saying that almost all cases of ingrown hair occur in the coccyx region and that the symptoms that will manifest themselves in this region should be evaluated well, Op. Dr. Fehim Diker shared the following information:

“The initial symptoms of ingrown hairs are often ignored. The discomfort that starts as a small rash is evaluated by the patient as a pimple and it is tried to be emptied by compressing. Afterwards, the patient feels the need to apply to the health institution with the worsening disease picture. Social pressures and situations such as embarrassment are also reasons that delay patients from applying to a health institution. If there is redness in the coccyx area, bloody or bloodless discharge and itching in that area, an appropriate health institution should be consulted. Otherwise, the course of the disease will worsen and the pain in the area of ​​the ingrown hair will become unbearable. The pain will increase especially when sitting and lying down, which will adversely affect the comfort of life of the person.


Underlining that men are more likely to have vertigo than women, Op. Dr. Fehim Diker said, “The disease of ingrown hair is generally seen in people between the ages of 15-25. High hair ratio, body cleaning with a razor and obesity are also factors that increase the risk. In addition, sitting or working constantly are among the causes of ingrown hairs.


Mentioning that by changing some habits, the possibility of experiencing ingrown hairs can be reduced, Op. Dr. Fehim Diker, “In addition to the general hygiene rules, the risk of ingrown hairs can be reduced by paying attention to the hygiene of the coccyx area. In addition, sitting upright, an active lifestyle and proper cleaning of body hair are among the measures that will protect people from ingrown hairs.


Providing information about the treatment of ingrown hair, Op. Dr. Fehim Diker continued his words as follows:

“It is possible to perform non-surgical treatment according to the stage of the disease in ingrown hairs. Here, applications such as care and baths, epilation, and crystallized phenol application can be preferred to the area where the ingrown hair is present. In addition, drug injections to the relevant area are also an option. As with almost every ailment, people with ingrown hair prefer to be treated without surgery.


Mentioning that treatment techniques have also improved thanks to the technological advances in the field of health, as in every other field, Op. Dr. Fehim Diker, “One of the methods used in the treatment of ingrown hair is laser treatment. Thanks to this treatment technique, it is possible to operate without incisions and stitches in the operation area. Since the procedure minimizes tissue damage, hospitalization times and return to normal life are shortened. Thanks to this situation, the loss of workforce is also reduced.”

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