Dynamic Junction Signaling Begins at Caravan Junction

dynamic junction signaling starts at caravan junction
dynamic junction signaling starts at caravan junction

Artificial intelligence cameras of the smart signaling system are being tested in the improvement project at the Kervan Junction, which is one of the most heavily trafficked points in Düzce. As a result of the measurements and analyzes made, the duration of the traffic lights will be shortened and extended according to the traffic density.

Duzce Mayor Dr. Smart signaling system measurements continue for the Caravan Junction, on which Faruk Özlü is paying attention. Düzce Municipality Support Services Directorate continues to test the semi-autonomous smart camera systems installed at the Kervan Junction. With the camera system installed for the intersection where the transition route of points such as TEM and D-100 Connection Road, Bahçeşehir, Bus Station, Cultural Center, Courthouse, Provincial Security Directorate intersect, the transition times are adjusted according to the vehicle density. As of the weekend, with the panels that control the camera systems installed in the Support Services Directorate, data on the number of vehicles can be taken daily or even in 15-minute periods and rearrangements can be made according to the density.


It is predicted that the Kervan Junction, which is one of the environmentally friendly intersections, will make a significant contribution to increasing the air quality by minimizing carbon emissions as well as saving fuel and time for the drivers.

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