The Way of Quality Sleep Is Through Regular Sports

the way to quality sleep is through regular sports
the way to quality sleep is through regular sports

A good and quality sleep is essential for health… MACFit Trump Towers Trainer Yiğit Yurtseven said that the sleep pattern, which is disrupted by the hot weather in summer, can be protected by doing sports. Emphasizing that regular sports shorten the time to fall asleep, Yurtseven listed the relationship between sports and sleep as follows:

Increases aerobic energy

Studies show that people with insomnia or poor sleep quality switch from 'poor sleepers' to 'good sleepers' after doing aerobic exercise four times a week. They also experience less daytime sleepiness and a greater sense of vitality as a result of regular exercise.

positive effect on falling asleep

Looking at the sleep habits of people who do moderate-intensity aerobics or HIIT, it seems that exercise causes a significant reduction in the time it takes to fall asleep. In other words, people who exercise can fall asleep much faster.

get rid of anxiety

Insomnia may not be caused by only physical or psychological factors. In some cases, the emergence of insomnia can also be caused by a combination of these two types of factors. According to studies, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise reduces anxiety felt before sleep.

Reduces the severity of sleep apnea

Exercise significantly reduces the effects of sleep apnea. It also has a positive effect on daytime sleepiness and vitality. An exercise routine that we do during the day increases the length and quality of sleep.

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