Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET Debuted at IDEF 21

jet training and light attack aircraft hurjet idef was also showcased
jet training and light attack aircraft hurjet idef was also showcased

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) exhibited its Hürjet single-engine fighter aircraft at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2021 held in Istanbul.

The work of the HÜRJET project, which was initiated to be included in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force to replace the T-38M aircraft, whose avionics modernization was previously carried out by TAI and approaching the end of their structural life, continues at full speed. When the project, which is carried out according to its schedule, is completed, HÜRJET will play many important roles by having superior performance features with its single engine, tandem and modern avionic suit cockpit.

The company, which set great goals for itself when it started to work for HÜRJET, minimizes risks such as accidents and increases safety quality with the simulator, digital test and verification environments that it started to produce together with the aircraft.

The company will be presenting simulators and training aids to its end users on the day HÜRJET is completed, thanks to the project, which was implemented by seeking high quality production in a cost and short time with the latest technologies and realized only by the world's leading companies. In this way, the user will also receive the full mission flight simulator, onboard embedded training systems and computer-aided training systems with HÜRJET.

HÜRJET in the Sky at 2022

jet training and light attack aircraft hurjet idef was also showcased

Hürjet will have aircraft systems compatibility with in-flight refueling, automatic flight capability, head-up display and pilot's augmented reality helmet. It is reported that the aircraft can reach a maximum speed of up to Mach 1.4, fly at altitudes up to 14 thousand meters and have a range of 2.592 kilometers.

The simulator systems program, run by TAI Aircraft Deputy General Manager, has a core team of 15 people. The program, which includes many units, continues to be developed with great cooperation. Employees, who closely examine all the works in the world, plan to carry an aircraft with high product quality, HÜRJET, to the sky in 2022, with these systems used only by the world's best brands.



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