Izmir Fire Brigade was greeted with applause

Izmir fire department was greeted with applause
Izmir fire department was greeted with applause

Within the scope of the solidarity understanding of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, the Izmir Fire Brigade Department, which participated in the fire extinguishing efforts in Antalya and Muğla, was sent off to Izmir with applause. The teams, which were greeted with applause in Izmir, could not hold back their tears.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department personnel, who have supported the fire extinguishing efforts in Antalya and Muğla since the first day, were sent off with applause from Bodrum.

Returning from Bodrum to İzmir, the team was welcomed by his colleagues and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yıldız Devran at the Yenişehir Fire Department headquarters.

Devran said, “We are proud of you. All of Turkey is talking about the heroes who fought day and night in forest fires. You are among these heroes. We are proud to be a part of this organization with all of you. Thank you, be there," he said.

İsmail Derse, Head of the Fire Brigade, said, “While you were working selflessly there, your friends here were also alert for İzmir. Thank you all,” he said.

“They left a big mark on us”

Returning from Bodrum, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head of Search and Rescue Disaster Affairs Coordinator Abdül Duyulur shared his feelings with the following words: Very nice hearted people. They left a big mark on us.”

İzmir Fire Brigade personnel Mutlu Müzaç said, “We tried to avoid loss of life, and we saved most of the villages. There are many living things in the forests, not just humans. People get emotional,” he said.

İzmir Fire Department AKS Paramedic Supervisor Şenol Dereköy said that he would not forget the burning of such a large area and continued his words as follows: “Seeing green in 10 days and then seeing black will create a different trauma for me. It is very difficult to express the loss of living things, green. Just look at the faces of the people living in the area. The stance on his face is enough without speaking. Let nothing like this happen again, let's not be separated from our family. Our world is not as big as we think, we need green.”

“We did our duty well”

İzmir Fire Department personnel Ömer Selçuk said: “From the moment we went there, we felt the support of all of you. We worked with a full team spirit. We did our job there. The fire zones were really like a battlefield. Unfortunately, everywhere we went, we experienced emotional ruin. We encountered very negative things. Both the state of nature and the creatures in it… It made us very sad. We would like to thank our friends who did not make the people of Izmir feel our absence here and called us while they were on duty there. We are already a very big family as the Fire Department. And we served there on behalf of the Fire Brigade, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and all Izmir residents.”

İzmir Fire Department provided service in Manavgat, Marmaris, Bodrum and Milas with 54 personnel, 6 fire sprinkler, 25 water tankers, 3 fire service and logistic support vehicles.

102 personnel worked in the field

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Fire Brigade Department, IZSU, teams of Science Affairs and Parks and Gardens Department mobilized to control the fire in Manavgat, Marmaris, Bodrum and Milas. The Department of Fire Brigade provided service with 54 personnel, 7 fire sprinklers, 25 water tankers from municipal units, 4 firefighting service and logistic support vehicles. While 23 personnel of the Department of Science and Technology participated in the fire fighting with 2 water tankers, they went to the region with 3 big buckets, 3 dozers and 6 trucks to carry the vehicles. Crews led the way for firefighters to intervene in the fire. İZSU General Directorate dispatched 17 varisco pumps and 13 personnel to draw water from wells and sea, as well as water tankers. The Department of Parks and Gardens, on the other hand, participated in the fire extinguishing activities with 5 sprinklers and 12 personnel.

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