10 Occasions to Celebrate with A Photo Collage For Your Business

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Why do people choose to work for your business? Is it because of the team culture or is it just for the benefits? Gone are the days of having a company for life and most people try to choose wisely who they work for when they can. That means that they’ll check to see if your company values are aligned with theirs as well as how you treat employees. A great way to support company culture is to celebrate events and important days. To then add a bit of spice and fun, you can use a collage maker online, such as promo.com . After all, everyone loves photos, especially if they’re in them and seen as being part of the team.

10 Ways to Use your Collage Maker Online

When you make a photo collage for your business, you can be as creative as you like. There will always be a template to inspire you should you need it. Essentially though, think of your business as a family and the following events will be obvious and fun to hold:

1- Company or Team Anniversary

Creating loyalty and upholding company values isn’t always easy but it’s all in the actions. How do you celebrate successes and teams? Do you care enough to have photos of people at workshops, for example? Putting all those images together with a free online collage maker for a company anniversary is a fun way to create bonding around shared memories. It’s also so easy to download them into a collage template and customize them with your editing tool.

2- New Member Joining

Onboarding is different for every business. Nevertheless, it’s important to make people feel included. Sometimes it’s also good to be different which is why your collage maker online can come in handy. After all, it’s so easy to use and you’ll have an awesome photo collage in no time to show the highlight of your business and the team. New members will see happy employees who enjoy their work.

3- Colleague Birthdays

There are so many collage templates for birthdays. These range from traditional to funky. Have a look at what could work for your business and then just drag and drop your colleagues’ photos. They’ll just love the attention and they’ll feel special. Moreover, a happy employee is a dedicated and loyal one.

4- Winning an Award

It’s too easy to move on to the next goal once we’ve achieved something. Nevertheless, it’s important to celebrate the wins. It’s those moments that bond people together and photos are the best way to hold those memories forever. You can even print from your collage maker and hand out individual photo collages to everyone. They’ll feel special and happy they contributed to the team.

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5- Charity Days

Social responsibility is increasingly important these days to attract the right people to your business. Furthermore, charity days are another awesome opportunity for team bonding. Most people love those days out as it’s a break from work. They’ll also appreciate a beautiful photo collage summarizing the day that they can show their families.

6- Saying Goodbye

Many people see the businesses they work in as an extension of their families and social group. For those people, it’s important to mark the day they leave and to say thank you. An easy gift that holds so much potential is a photo collage. Those images hold emotions and memories that people are grateful to have lived. You’ll also be grateful for your easy-to-use collage maker online as well as the ability to make such an impactful gift at no cost.

7- Employee Life Events

We all have big events in our lives such as getting married or having children. Of course, you have to be sensitive to those who might not want their private lives shared at work. Then again, some people love bringing their new babies to work. So, why not offer a photo collage to capture baby and collage moments?

8- Business Events and Team Building

Are you having a customer show day soon? Perhaps a team scavenger hunt? Whatever it is, you can use your collage maker quickly and easily so that everyone can take home their own photo collage. Don’t forget to put some of the collages up in your entrance area so that your customers can also see just how great your teams are.

9- Sales and Promotional Events

Any event day is an opportunity to take photos and turn them into awesome collages. Naturally, you’ll want to start with a template to make your life easier. It’s then very easy to download your own photos. Remember that you don’t have to take all the photos because you can ask your colleagues to come up with the best day event photo.

10- Customer Awards

Building a great business means keeping both employees and customers engaged. There are many ways to do this but most people enjoy award days. Then, of course, you can take all your awesome photos and put them together into the perfect layout for your awesome photo collage. Whether you then add features and effects is up to you although, sometimes, simple is best.

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Final Thoughts on Celebrating your Business with a Collage Maker Online

We often forget to celebrate things as we keep rushing forwards to the next thing. Therefore, use your collage maker online to help you and your teams pause and appreciate what they’ve achieved. They’ll thank you for it and will also be more loyal. In the end, it’s about creating a community that people want to join and be part of. And photos keep the seams together so well!

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