Website Translation Service Cevirimvar

Website Translation Service Cevirimvar
Website Translation Service Cevirimvar

Website translation is the transfer of content on websites from one language to another. In addition to the text found on the website, any images, buttons related to website functionality, and error reports are also included among the translated elements. Turkey’s only ISO certified online translation agency offers website translation service.

Who needs website translation?

Companies that want to create a corporate identity, e-commerce companies, and organizations that want to provide information in various fields need a multilingual website. This is where website translation plays a role. Website translation service, which optimizes the website for the target audience with its translation and localization services, enables companies to open up to the world and gain a professional identity in the international arena. Thanks to a successful website translation, the number of visitors to your site and your brand visibility can increase. Website translation can also increase accessibility in many areas.

Website translation is not only for corporate websites. Mobile applications, personal blogs, and social media sharing are also among the areas where this service can be performed. This service offered by Translation Office can make a huge difference in many areas including sales and marketing, and the service is offered in a variety of languages including English, German, and French.


What is Localization Service?

Localization is the adaptation of translated content according to the culture, values, and geography of the target audience and is a different concept from translation. In translation, the content is conveyed with the same meaning; however, in localization, various additions and adaptations are made and the content is changed in a way that best appeals to the target audience. Especially for companies doing business with or in Turkey, Cevirimvar offers localization services.

Localization service can provide very effective results in terms of marketing as it enables site visitors to easily adopt your content and brand thanks to the adaptations made, which in turn helps your website attract more attention. In addition to the text itself, any images, signs, alphabetic characters, and units of measurement on the website are also included within the localization service.

Points to Consider When Translating a website

SEO, that is, search engine optimization, is among the points to be considered when translating a website. Search engines, such as Google, rank websites on the results page according to the keywords these sites contain. Translated website content should be optimized according to these algorithms in order to get ahead of competitors and gain more visitors.

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Another point to be considered in website translation is localization. Multilingual websites that appeal to an international audience should be adapted to the target audience when necessary. Localization plays a big role, especially in the field of commerce, where marketing strategies aimed at attracting customer attention are of great importance. Content with clear, understandable language that visitors can easily relate to is created with localization service. As well, with social media content, familiarity with the local expressions used within the relevant social media site is essential to create a bond with the visitor. With the online translation office , it is possible to easily access social media translation.

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