Important Supply Agreement for National Motor TEI-PD170

Important Supply Agreement for Milli Motor TEI PD
Important Supply Agreement for Milli Motor TEI PD

Turkey's leading company in aviation engines, TEI has signed an Engine Control System Equipment Supply Contract for the TEI-PD170 Turbodiesel Aviation Engine with Karel, one of the important electronics manufacturers of our country.

TEI and Karel engineers within the scope of the Operative UAV Engine Development Project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries and targeted as the output of the TEI-PD170 engine, which is the hardware that maintains the management of an aviation engine from the moment it is first started to its shutdown, the Fully Authorized Digital Electronic Control System (FADEC). Developed by FADECs to be produced under this contract, which will ensure the continuation of the serial supply of FADECs currently used in TEI-PD170 engines, can also be used in other piston diesel engines of TEI.

On the second day of IDEF 2021, the signing ceremony held at the TEI stand was attended by TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Akşit, TEI Programs Director Ahmet Kain, Karel Technical Managing Director Yaman Tunaoğlu and Karel Defense Industry Solutions Director Senih Başol as well as senior executives of the two companies attended.

The TEI-PD95 engine, which has a locality rate of over 170%, powers TUSAŞ's ANKA and AKSUNGUR and BAYKAR's AKINCI platforms. Work continues on the mass production phase of the TEI-PD170ST and TEI-PD180ST engines, which are based on the TEI-PD222 engine.

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