IMM's Canceled 160 Metrobus Purchase Tender Held

Ibb's canceled metrobus purchase tender was held
Ibb's canceled metrobus purchase tender was held

With the tender, which was broadcast live for the first time in IETT history, 160 vehicles will be purchased for the metrobus line. The result of the tender, in which four different companies participated, will be announced after the evaluation.

IETT General Directorate, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), held a live bus tender for the first time in its history. Otokar company submitted an offer of 100 million 21 thousand 606 liras to the open tender for 114 800-meter vehicles to be taken on the Metrobus line. MAN and Mercedes companies presented a letter of thanks.

In the tender for 60 vehicles of 25 meters, Transportation İç ve Dış Ticaret AŞ (Akia) submitted an offer of 558 million liras. The tenders will be finalized after the completion of the evaluation and will be shared with the public.

On the metrobus line, where 600 vehicles are put into service a day, the kilometer of most of the vehicles is close to 2 million. Finally, 2015 buses were purchased in 126. All past purchases were made in foreign currency. With the amendment published in the Official Gazette in 2016, the use of foreign currency in goods purchases was abolished. For the first time since this date, a vehicle purchase tender was held today.

With the decision taken by the IMM Assembly in October 2020, IETT authorized the purchase of 300 vehicles for the Metrobus line, and since the purchases will be made with foreign loans, IETT submitted the file to the Presidency in December 2020 for investment approval. Since the file was not approved for 7 months, the Presidency decided to open a vehicle purchase tender with TL 15 percent cash and the remaining 6 years maturity.

In fact, the current active vehicles are 18 and 19,5 meters long. The new vehicles to be purchased will be 21 meters and 25 meters long.

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