IMM Teams Have Been Fighting Forest Fires for 12 Days

ibb teams are in the forest fire fight for days
ibb teams are in the forest fire fight for days

The tough struggle of the IMM teams, who set out on July 29 to respond to the forest fires that started around Antalya's Manavgat and Muğla's Marmaris and Bodrum districts, continues. In the struggle that has been going on for 12 days until now; 50 personnel with 295 vehicles and equipment participated in the extinguishing and cooling works. A team of 8 veterinarians was also sent to the region to treat our dear friends who survived the fire and who were injured. 4 trucks of food supplements were made for the needs of the people.

Professional teams of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continue their struggle against forest fires that started around Antalya's Manavgat and Muğla's Marmaris and Bodrum districts, together with teams from other places. 295 days have passed in the region where 50 personnel have carried out extinguishing and cooling works with 12 vehicles and equipment so far. Divided into three branches under the coordination of AKOM, the İBB team continues its struggle in the field with 278 personnel, 49 vehicles and equipment.


The teams affiliated to the IMM Directorate of Businesses Logistics Support Center, consisting of a food engineer, 4 drivers, and 4 cold storage trucks, on Thursday, August 5th; He took food supplies to Antalya. The efforts of the teams to distribute food to the people of the region affected by the fire continue.


As soon as the first fire department sent by IMM to the region on Thursday, 29 July reached Antalya Manavgat, they participated in the extinguishing of forest fires in Gazipaşa and Alanya districts. The teams, which also intervened in the residential fires in the region in line with the notifications received, moved to Muğla Yatağan after the fires in the region were brought under control. Reaching the area at night, the teams started their intervention work on Sunday, August 1st; It intervened in the fires in the Hacıveliler Village of Yatağan district. While the extinguishing and cooling works of the teams continue, the water reinforcement works for the teams of the Regional Directorate of Forestry continue.

The Muğla Marmaris team, which set out on the same day as the Antalya team, consists of 101 personnel and 14 vehicles. Reaching the area at noon on Friday, July 30, the team coordinated with the Muğla Fire Department. İçmeler and Hisarönü regions and intervened in the fires. With the intense work of the teams, the fires in the region were brought under control at noon on August 5th. The teams left Marmaris and went to the region to intervene in the fires in the Menteşe district of Muğla. The teams that participated in the fire extinguishing activities in the region, after completing their work, went to Köyceğiz on Saturday and started to intervene in the fires. The efforts of the teams to respond to the fires in the villages of Köyceğiz, Sazak and Çayhisar Çövenli continue uninterruptedly.

Muğla Bodrum team, which set off on Sunday, consists of 53 personnel and 9 vehicles. The teams that reached the region on Monday, August 2; Çökertme and Yeniköy in Milas intervened in the fires in Türkevleri on Tuesday. The team working to prevent the fire from spreading to residential areas and Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant; Efforts to respond to fires in Bayırköy, Gürcegiz, Akçakaya and Fesleğen locations in Milas district continue.


IMM's veterinarians also contribute to the medical intervention efforts for wild animals, farm animals and our dear friends living on the streets. He took 2 vehicles, 5 veterinarians, a veterinary technician, medicine, medical consumables, and cat and dog food from the Veterinary Services Directorate of the Headmen's Offices and Food Department. The teams continue their work in Manavgat and Köyceğiz districts and villages.


One of the first teams of İBB to move to the region was İSKİ. Moving to Antalya's Manavgat district with 8 personnel, 4 vehicles and 2 2030 kVA generators, the İSKİ support team has been continuing its support services since Friday, 30 July. Working in coordination with Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration, the İSKİ team strengthened the infrastructure by reinforcing the generators it took with it to 2 different clean water pumping centers in the region. Reinforcements of the teams continue.

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