İBB Continues Rescue Works in Flood Area, Three Dead Bodies Reached

ibb continues its rescue efforts in the flood area, three dead bodies were found
ibb continues its rescue efforts in the flood area, three dead bodies were found

İBB continues its search and rescue, water evacuation works in the cities of Bartın, Kastamonu and Sinop, where the flood disaster occurred. Increasing the number of teams and vehicles in the region, İBB has sent 199 personnel and 120 vehicles-construction machines to the Western Black Sea Region. The dead bodies of three citizens were found in the water discharge works carried out today in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu.

The team, which was established from the units in charge of the "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Emergency and Disaster Response Plan", continues search and rescue, water evacuation, channel opening and improvement works in the region under the coordination of AKOM. The staff team, which was 12 on 76 August on the first day of the work, went to 202; The number of vehicles increased from 42 to 126.


Bitter news came in the works carried out in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu. The locals informed the IMM teams that there were people who took shelter in the basement of an apartment during the flood. After the water evacuation works, which lasted for about a day, the dead bodies of three citizens were found.


IMM teams do not leave the local people alone. Citizens who report to the teams what they see in their work in the field, also offer tea and cake to the IMM personnel who work non-stop, support them and make them feel that they are with them.


   According to the information shared by İBB AKOM, 202 of the 124 personnel work in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu and 78 in the Ayancık district of Sinop.

The IMM aid team and equipment sent to the region are as follows:

  • Fire Department: 39 personnel, 13 vehicles; two Fire Brigade Rescue Vehicles, one hose vehicle, four firefighting service vehicles, three logistic support vehicles, one firefighting maintenance and repair vehicle, one underwater rescue vehicle and equipment,
  • İSKİ, 24 personnel, 19 vehicles, five trucks, two loaders, two trucks, one 4×4 off-road vehicle
  • Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department; 89 personnel, 67 vehicles. The team is in the area, road regulation, mud, rubble, debris removal, etc. work continues.
  • İSTAÇ continues its cleaning works with mechanical sweeping vehicles in the Ayancık district of Sinop with 15 personnel and 9 vehicles.
  • The ISBAK team was sent to Ayancık with 2 personnel, 1 vehicle, 2 mobile charging units and 1 generator.
  • Park Bahçeler team was sent to Bozkurt district with 1 personnel and 2 Bobcats.
  • The Enterprises Logistics Team was sent to Ayancık and Bozkurt districts with 28 personnel, 10 vehicles (1 Mobile Kitchen, 1 Mobile Oven, support vehicles, 3 tents, tables, chairs, etc.) and food materials.

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