IMM City Theaters Prepare to Meet with the Audience at the Museum Gazhane

ibb city theaters are getting ready to meet their audience at the museum gashane
ibb city theaters are getting ready to meet their audience at the museum gashane

IMM City Theaters, one of the most rooted art institutions of Istanbul and Turkey, is getting ready to meet with its audience in two new stages at the Museum Gazhane.

The historical Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi, which was left idle after serving Istanbul for more than a century, was restored by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and brought back to the city. After the meticulous restoration, the historical place turned into a new culture and art center under the name of Museum Gazhane. Museum Gazhane, meeting with Istanbulites with a brand new concept, is getting ready to host unforgettable performances in September. IMM City Theaters, which has been producing art for the city since Darülbedayi, is preparing to meet its audience in its two new stages in Gazhane.


Providing information about the stages that will be put into service, İBB City Theaters Director Ceyhun Ünlü said that it is very valuable that Gazhane continues to serve the city. The celebrity shared the following details about the scenes:

We have an Italian classical stage at the Museum Gazhane. We designed an aesthetically beautiful scene for the city. It has an audience capacity of 300 people. There is also a square stage for 130 people. We will bring our plays together with the audience on the Anatolian side, especially with two stages. Both of our scenes have technical features that will strengthen our close and warm relationship with our audience.”


Stating that they are excited about the completion of the stages in the Museum Gazhane, İBB City Theaters General Art Director Mehmet Ergen noted that they have made an intense effort to bring the complex to life. Stating that the stage offers an impressive experience to the audience from the moment they enter the hall, Ergen said, “We were able to add an orchestra pit and hydraulic front stage before the project was finished. Its foyer is an example of transformation from an industrial area to a cultural center that we are familiar with in Europe.”

Noting that they adopted a different approach to the 130-person stage, Ergen shared the following information:

“Like almost all the scenes in Turkey, we designed a square stage for this area, which is thought of as an Italian stage. We designed a stage suitable for both contemporary adult plays and children's plays, which can be played in the middle when desired, an 'empty' space is created by removing the portable chairs when desired. We will prefer the plays of new writers in this square stage.”

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