IMM's First Student Dormitories Start to Serve

ibb first student dormitories start to serve
ibb first student dormitories start to serve

The first student dormitories of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) begin to serve. This semester, 3 girls' dormitories will accept students. The construction of new dormitories continues.

Students coming to Istanbul for higher education from outside the city will now be able to stay in the 'Private Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality' dormitories. The dormitories, which will be opened with the license of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, will be a home for 650 students in the first place. In the dormitories, which will reach a capacity of 1000 people by the end of the year, students will be able to stay in both safe and healthy environments at affordable prices. Families will be able to send their children to dormitories under the guarantee of public institutions with peace of mind.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlushared on the social media page about the dormitories that will provide accommodation services to higher education students. Stating that İBB is experiencing a first, İmamoğlu used the following statements:

“The first student dormitories of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are starting to serve. This semester, 3 girls' dormitories will accept students. The construction of new dormitories continues.”


IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluWhile fulfilling another promise in the candidacy process, it also marks a first in the history of the institution. İmamoğlu, who set out by saying, "The tradition of dormitory is very important for us so that our high school and university youth can continue their education life in a healthier environment while in this city," İmamoğlu is taking the dormitory service within the institution. Instead of supporting foundations and associations, it offers shelter to young people directly with the help of IMM.


In the new academic year, İBB will provide accommodation services in four dormitories in three districts, two in Avcılar, one in Beyoğlu and one in Gaziosmanpaşa. Among these, female students will be offered accommodation in the dormitories in Avcılar and Beyoğlu, whose license procedures have been completed at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Male students will be accommodated in the dormitory building in Gaziosmanpaşa, whose renovation and license works are ongoing. A thousand students will receive accommodation services from IMM dormitories until the end of the academic year.


Registration applications for higher education dormitories to be served by the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate will be opened after the placement results of the 'Higher Education Institutions Exam'. Applications will be made through the online platform. A certain amount of quota will be reserved for students who are relatives of martyrs and veterans. In the evaluation to be made among the young people who come to Istanbul from outside the city to receive higher education at the state university; income status, number of people living in the family and success ranking will be taken into consideration.


The selection of IMM dormitories was made by prioritizing the safe environment. Proximity to the transport network and universities was taken into account. The dormitories, where there are rooms for disabled people in each dormitory, are equipped with equipment and belongings that students need.

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