Great Interest from Abroad to Win Eurasia Fair!

great interest from abroad to win eurasia fair
great interest from abroad to win eurasia fair

Organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey and bringing together industry professionals from dozens of countries every year, Eurasia's leading industry fair WIN EURASIA will bring together all industry professionals physically and digitally on 10-13 November 2021. WIN EURASIA, where participation requests are received only online, receives high participation demands from abroad, especially from Europe and North Africa.

Hannover Fairs Turkey is preparing to bring together industry professionals from dozens of countries this year, as every year, at WIN EURASIA, which will be held at Tüyap Congress and Fair Center in Istanbul, between 10-13 November 2021. WIN EURASIA will bring together all the eco-system needed for the factories of the future, from sheet metal processing to metal forming technologies, from automation services to electrical and electronic equipment, from hydraulic and pneumatic services to in-plant logistics.

Great interest in WIN EURASIA!

WIN EURASIA, which is preparing to welcome its participants with the theme of "Industrial Transformation", is in high demand from both visitors and participants. Not only from Turkey but also foreign buyers show great interest in WIN EURASIA, which will be the first major industry meeting to be held in Istanbul after two years. Buyers from many foreign countries, especially Europe and North Africa, have already started to take their place in B2B events.

The digital and physical fair will be together for the first time at WIN EURASIA!

WIN EURASIA, in which the changing ways of doing business with the epidemic have been moved to the fair environment, will take place in the digital environment as well as the physical fair this year. The fair, where a hybrid fair model will be implemented that will bring physical and digital fair environments together in a single fair, will also enable industry professionals who cannot travel to take part in WIN EURASIA.

Hannover Fairs Turkey, with the Connection Days digital event platform launched in June 2020, has carried the events that could not be held physically due to the pandemic to the digital platform; It had organized events that benefited the creation of global cooperation and the creation of new collaborations. Hannover Fairs Turkey aims to reflect its experience gained from these digital events to WIN EURASIA this time.

Digital participants; in the virtual environment, at the fair stands sohbet functions, hosting purchasing officials with one-on-one video calls; They will have the opportunity to exhibit their products in 3D. Digital exhibitors will also be able to physically take part in 5 m2 areas in the physical fair environment. At the fair, where conferences will be moved to the digital environment, the speakers will be able to make digital presentations either in the fairground or from wherever they are.

For those who cannot physically attend the fair, the Covid-19 measures taken in the physical fair area, as well as the transfer of the fair to the digital environment, are effective in the preference of WIN EURASIA. Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, visitor registrations can only be made online to ensure that there is no congestion, especially at the entrance. In addition, many applications such as entry without waiting in line, the rules to be applied for the exhibitor stands, the planning of the capacities of the halls according to the social distance rules are implemented with the Mobile Application of the Fair.

With the solution partnership of Aksa, the Generator Special Area will be at WIN EURASIA for the first time!

For the first time this year, the Generator Special Area will take place in WIN EURASIA, which is preparing to offer a unique opportunity to experience the 360-degree manufacturing industry for its exhibitors and visitors. In the Generator Special Area, which will be created with Aksa's solution partnership, visitors will have the opportunity to get the most up-to-date information about generators and meet new technologies.

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