China Recalls the Epidemic with Delta Variant

gin recalled the epidemic with its delta variant
gin recalled the epidemic with its delta variant

After a long time in China, cases started to increase again. Although activity continues on the streets, calmness is striking in touristic places. In many cities, epidemic measures were re-implemented.

Musab Eryiğit from TRT Haber talked about the latest situation in Beijing. After the Delta variant, China started having its worst period months later. Seeking to contain the epidemic, the Beijing government has significantly tightened travel restrictions and closed transport routes.

Flights were canceled and more than a dozen rail lines were suspended. In all states, the public was advised to stay in place. Nanjing and Yangzhou canceled all domestic flights, while Beijing suspended 13 rail lines and halted sales of long-distance tickets from 23 stations.

Yangzhou, Wuhan and the flood-affected city of Zhengzhou have started testing for COVID-19. Zhengzhou requires all people to show a negative test result to leave the city.

The governments of 31 provinces advised residents not to leave their areas unless necessary, in order to prevent further transmission of the high-level virus.

The latest outbreak has infected more than 25 people in 400 cities, including the capital Beijing and Wuhan, for the first time since the first outbreak last year. Cases were detected in 31 of 17 provinces. All 11 million residents of Wuhan will be tested.

Most of the people are vaccinated

Health officials say more than 1,7 billion domestically produced vaccines have been administered to people in China.

There are no public statistics on the proportion of fully vaccinated adults, but last month state media said it was at least 40 percent.

Last month, authorities in the Guangxi region and the city of Jingmen in Hubei announced that they would begin vaccinating children between the ages of 12 and 17.

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