Freight Train Derailed in İzmir, İZBAN Flights Disrupted

freight train derailed in izmir, izban flights were delayed
freight train derailed in izmir, izban flights were delayed

4 wagons of a freight train going from İzmir to Manisa were derailed. Due to the incident, while the services between Halkapınar and Çiğli stops in İZBAN were stopped, the freight train was rescued after 6 hours of work.

Izmir Bayraklı 4 wagons of the freight train going from Manisa to İzmir, near the turan station in the district of Bursa, derailed at around 06.00:XNUMX. The derailment of the train also affected İZBAN, which uses the same line and is one of the most used public transportation vehicles in İzmir for transportation.

A statement was made from İZBAN about the train accident. In the statement, which stated that train crossings could not be made at Turan station due to the problem on the line, "Our trains coming from Aliağa direction Çiğli and our trains coming from Torbalı use Halkapınar Station as the last station. Between Halkapınar and Çiğli, reinforcements are being made with buses.” Statements were included.

TCDD (Republic of Turkey State Railways) teams, who came to the region after the train derailed, started working to save the train. With the help of the cranes brought, the freight train was repositioned on the rails after about 6 hours of work. The freight train was withdrawn from the region with the help of a train that came to the region. İZBAN flights, which were stopped due to the incident, are expected to be restarted in a short time.

TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ stated that the Basmane-Uşak regional train and the Konya Blue and İzmir Blue trains will depart from İzmir (Basmane) at normal hours.

Cancellation of Regional Trains Arriving in Izmir Due to Road Closure

Today (07.08.2021) İzmir(Basmane) – Menemen Line is closed.

  • Aegean Express, which will make the İzmir (Basmane) - Eskişehir - İzmir (Basmane) expedition,
  • İzmir (Basmane) – Uşak Regional Passenger Train,
  • İzmir (Basmane) – Alaşehir Regional Passenger Train,
  • Alaşehir – Manisa Regional Passenger Train

Tickets that have been canceled and purchased for the Aegean Express will be returned to their passengers by informing them via SMS.

The operating status of the flights mentioned above will also be announced on the TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ Corporate Website and the relevant stations and stations.

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